Untold Absolu 
Elizabeth Arden (2014)

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Reviews of Untold Absolu by Elizabeth Arden

A review about Untold Luxe

Imagine you are in a warm,cozy mood,the last sun rays late in the evening going through your liqueur glass and making it look like a liquid amber. resinous, sensual,sweet,benzoin,chocolate, sandalwood,floral in the nice way. the smell of very warm body. expensive smelling despite the price.the benzoin in this is addictive and calls to mind old postcard imagery of naughty women in opium dense with long,ornate pipes and heavy-lidded eyes.

I get big benzoin,vanilla,at first with some chocolate & it is quite similar to a blend that i have sniffed before.first sniff, this reminded me of Jessica Simpson Fancy-just a little mind you. underneath the floral-gourmand notes lies a base of ambery benzoin to ground the fragrance. it's a warm,creamy, syrupy and balsamic scent.i don't get anything dry ir woody for a long time, but there is a some sandalwood in the final dry down after many hours. surprisingly,the dry down truly smell like Nejma 7.
Sep 2, 2021

Oh my this is gorgeous!! Love at first sight and absolutely different from the vanilla based perfume I had in my collection. It springs of creamy vanilla, tonka beans and caramel, yet lovely on my skin. It’s the perfect blend of sweet, floral and spice – all in a lovely way. I like it more than the original Untold, which is also lovely, but not as strong as absolu.

It's alluring on me without being overpowering, and sweet without being cloying. My chemistry works beautifully with this fragrance. It could never smell cheap. Truly long lasting. The bottle itself in an artistic piece in many angle, which is beautiful!

My husband falls in love with it. He thought it smells really good on me. Just the way he loves it. What more reasons do I need. Will definitely buy another bottle once I finished it.
Jan 8, 2016

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