(Untitled) L'Eau 
Martin Margiela (2011)

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(Untitled) L'Eau by Martin Margiela

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(Untitled) L'Eau is a women's perfume launched in 2011 by Martin Margiela

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Reviews of (Untitled) L'Eau by Martin Margiela

There are 4 reviews of (Untitled) L'Eau by Martin Margiela.

It goes very fast from very bitter unknown stuff (yuk) to very acid and bright lemon (yum) and ends with very sweet citrus (almost mixed with vanilla), followed by something reasonably bitter, probably mint. It's like a mojito mocktail. For a Cologne, it's a good one. Very different from others.

Freakishly fresh and pertinacious greenery.

Loses the whip-smart balance that the original Untitled struck in favor of a front-loaded citrus-mint hybrid that overwhelms everything else. Anyone could appreciate how charming this scent becomes once paired with a white shirt and jeans on a summer day, and that is precisely the problem. Untitled gave form to something unbidden and unnamed; L'eau fills no such gaps in the collective imagination. This followup is still worthwhile if your fragrance wardrobe wants a zesty camphoraceous green that just doesn't quit. In all honesty, my dislike for L'eau mostly boils down to a preference for bitter over bright freshness. Whereas Untitled is asperity married to smooth florals, L'eau is juicy, gregarious and wholesome. One is the Dark Lady of Shakespeare's sonnets, the other the Golden Boy. Each lovable in its own respect.

The original Untitled in a more Eau De Cologne-like interpretation. Still green with loads of citruses and a slight minty vibe. Sublte floral patterns and a fresh-woody base serve as nice refinements. If you like the Jardins series by Hermes or any fresh and clean type of fragrance, you'll probably dig this...

A fine summer scent that's decent and pretty well executed but probably not particularly interesting or outstanding...

I find this to be a more unisex, more enjoyable version of Untitled. The EdP was proclaimed to be fresh, green and unisex and while green might fit I always found the original Untitled rather smokey and powdery - interesting but not pleasant and vivid enough for me / a man.
This version is lighter which improves the wearability for me. The top note is fresher and improved by a kick of citrus and I'd go as far as saying: Yes, this is fresh, green unisex with a twist!
The dry-down is more on the soapy than the smokey side this time.
Overall a nice fragrance and improvement from the original which nevertheless is still alive in l'Eau - not ruined but improved by the added freshness!

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