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Reviews of (Untitled) by Martin Margiela

There are 20 reviews of (Untitled) by Martin Margiela.

This fragrance is completely faint; it's too subtle for me. Usually, when a scent is light, it can still pass for a light summer fragrance, but no, not if it smells like this.
Let me say again that this fragrance was way too low-key, I literally had to press my nose on my arm to get the smell of it. And then, it was WEIRDLY earthy, I'm not opposed to odd scents, but this was not even interesting. Upon settling, there is a citrus note that hangs around with the oddly organic smell, and even if you're into that sort of stuff, you won't smell much of it. Too faint, too boring.
Nov 27, 2021

A nice fresh unisex fragrance with bitter herbals. Light in the aerial sense but present enough.
Aug 26, 2020

Untitled threw me for a loop. I was fully ready to receive it as I would an avant garde Jolie laide, striking but unlikable, with a beauty mark that becomes an eyesore in the odd ungenerous light. That this hypothetical itself served as tribute to my own sense of vanity and faux eccentricity only became apparent to me when I finally gave the real scent a proper go-around, met her in the flesh, as it were.

Untitled is innovative and unusual. It is not edgy or provocative, but rather a lovely, forward-thinking entry into what precisely a modern, self-aware (i.e. classically informed) green scent could be. The galbanum is bracing and eye-popping, like a fistful of pollen. (See No. 19, Silences) Its edge is carefully drawn out by the bitter orange, itself daintily folded into the ylang-jasmine heart of the perfume. Just when one could rightly accuse Untitled of being a turncoat two-face, of trading its snappy opening for the inanition of sweet pleasantries, the finale recalls the biting start, modulated in the form of different ingredients. Cedar takes over the whistling high-note, with incense and a freakish amount of white musk rounding out the base. (14% serenolide!)

Whenever I wear it now, I can pick up all these various phases at once, and they peek out in turn throughout the day. The deceit in the branding and concept here is a happy one: where I expected a lifeless minimalist composition, a modern paean to the elemental void, I instead received a deft, fae love-letter to the pulse of life on the green, under the sun, and in the shade.

A mischievous youngling, wise changeling. Otherworldly.
Mar 7, 2017

A wonderful bitter-sweet green...

This fragrance is like a reminder of the great chypre fragrances of the past, like Chanel Cristalle however this one is more adventurous and goes in new directions. But it is first and foremost a green fragrance with a bite!

(untitled) opens up with bitter green galbanum, which, combined with the bitter orange and incense, gives the whole fragrance a very "bitter" vibe. This trio of "bitterness" combines with woody-green boxwood and dry cedar to add to the "greenness" of the scent, followed by white musk and a wonderful jasmine note which finally gives the fragrance extra depth and stops it being to bitter. Over time the galbanum gets sweeter, and the jasmine, orange blossom and musk contribute to this, but it stays sharp for a long time before calming down.

I enjoy this because sometimes I'm in the mood for a very bitter type of green fragrance. This does the job for me. Perfect for spring in my opinion, and while this isn't my favourite green fragrance, it's certainly the most green out of everything I've tried. If you are a nature or "green" lover, you should give this one a try.
Jun 2, 2016

Bitter-sweet, floral, creamy and so green and vegetal that is almost off-putting; very potent at first and within an hour it settles to a sweet woody aromatic scent that sits close to the skin. Not much of a fan, but it's quite original and interesting.
May 5, 2016

Untitled is easygoing, can be worn anywhere, has casual charm, and subtle sophistication, part of which is an appealing wafting sensual note. On my skin, the galbanum and ambrette blended into a single note and never really separated out for the length of the fragrance.
I'm intrigued how this fragrance creates a new note from the familiar ones. It feels like artistry to me. It makes an intriguing fragrance without a lot of drama, over strong notes, and other attention grabbers.
It has a quiet backdrop of notes, which waft in and out of sensuality with a light musk, cedar, incense accord. Subtly of course. Nothing is spelled out in this fragrance. Nothing is pinned into place. Its subtlety is without sacrifice of complexity. And it is unique.
Apr 3, 2015

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