Untamed Oud 
Phuong Dang (2016)

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Reviews of Untamed Oud by Phuong Dang

There are 1 reviews of Untamed Oud by Phuong Dang.

Untamed Oud is not well named because the fragrance is very tame and well balanced and the oud is not the most prominent note at all. This said, Untamed Oud is a great fragrance that emulates some traditional aromas of Cambodian Oud natural oud oils. The fragrance opens with warm spice blend of coriander, cumin and clove seasoned with dry tobacco / leather and followed by dry oud wood finish. That's it! Following traditional Cambodian Oud scents Untamed Oud creates a warm masculine but somewhat tame tobacco, leather and spice oud scent. Longevity is average.
Apr 28, 2019

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