Union Square / Andy Warhol Union Square fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lily of the valley, green notes
  • Heart

    • freesia, birch
  • Base

    • amber, musk

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After an initial blast of vodka and hairspray aldehydes, this settles into a mix of plasticky rose and lily chemicals that somehow combine to smell vaguely like artificial apple hovering over freesia.

Eventually, it fades to a rather artificial green smell, somewhat like grass, but also like neroli.

All things considered, I think this is significantly better than other artificial-smelling fruity florals, but that's not exactly high praise. I'll vote neutral and move on.
17th June 2022
Genre: Green Floral

Union Square's fruity aquatic top notes are so utterly banal that it's hard to imagine anything good coming of them. Guess what? Nothing does. The rest of Union Square is an impoverished chemical green floral that would feel at home in a generic liquid hand soap, drifting off into a laundry detergent white musk drydown. This is lousy at any price, but for what Bond No. 9 charges, it's an absolute disgrace.
7th July 2014

Does this house have any outstanding scents? That being sai, Union Square is one of the more bland Bond's I have tried. Hum drum green floral that doesn't make any sort of statement.
30th March 2010
WHAT the cock is this?!?!UNISEX?!?!Here's what I get: 1) alcohol 2) Pantene Pro-V shampoo 3) clarified butter (like Indian ghee, or the type you'd dip your lobster into. BOND No. 9 is a very talented & capable house. They have put out many exquisite (arguable) masterpieces, worthy of $ 210 for a bottle. I get the feeling that when they are short of inspiration, they would just as soon put a rush-job on some crap, rather than wait until they have something worthy to put on the market?
14th March 2010
First spray smells like AquaNet hairspray! All that alcohol. But, then it calms down into a melon-y, aquatic scent. Cool Water-ish. Nondescript aquatic smell. It's pleasant and very familiar. I'm sure there are a dozen or so shampoos with this kind of smell. White Rain is probably one of them.
19th November 2008
A light, fresh, green floral. You can have one of these for a lot less money! Very decent, refreshing on a hot day, but overpriced and redundant. A disappointment after the stellar Silver Factory.
16th November 2008
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