Unforgivable Woman 
Sean John (2007)

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Reviews of Unforgivable Woman by Sean John

There are 11 reviews of Unforgivable Woman by Sean John.


A blend of of an exotic and modern oriental with lower notes of Vanilla and Amber makes a strange scent that is pleasant and deserves more attention. UNFORGIVABLE is a clean yet romantic scent.in other words Creamy,Feminine,Warm,Floral, Charming and Interesting.

I suppose these composition making a heavy and heady perfume even at first slight it was very strong but quickly fades to a Soft and Pleasant scent on my skin.in fact a little fruity in the top notes mingle with floral heart on a warm woods base by soothing and feminine vanilla,amber and vetiver as i like it but not unique enough for a Oriental Floral.

It has a touch of sophistication without being overpowering.Soft and Subtle enough for Daytime wear and Seductive and Interesting enough for Romantic Evenings and perfect for young and mature ladies alike.i recommend it for AUTUMN weather.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

Jun 8, 2015

Nice summer scent and honestly one of the very very few of its type that actually lasts on me. While not my favorite ever, I get an amazing amout of compliments when I where it. S

I don't understand why so many give it negative reviews. Maybe I have unusual chemistry. The things people rave about, if I have had them I could not stand them. Then this, nobody likes and people rave about it on me.
Jul 5, 2014

I'm actually surprised by all the negative reviews on this fragrance. I certainly did not find this scent boring or rotten-smelling. I actually consider this fragrance to be rather unique and special.

I'm rather shocked that the top notes are primarily citrus and fruits, because I did not get even the slightest hint of these notes on my skin. On me, the top notes were warm and spicy, quite sensual and comforting.

The heart of Unforgivable Woman is so odd, yet so appealing. I can smell a minty note mixed with fresh, green leaves and a hint of spiciness. This combination had me hooked and I couldn't help smelling my wrist every couple of minutes to see whether the fragrance had developed further.

The drydown, although lovely, was a little predictable with sandalwood being the most dominant note followed by patchouli, vanilla and amber.

Although they are not completely the same, Unforgivable Woman reminds me in some ways of Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

I certainly have a lot of respect for Sean John's recent merge into fragrances. So far, so good. I wouldn't say that this fragrance is sexy, in my opinion it is more of an intriguing and mysterious scent. It is certainly refreshing to have a celebrity create something so original these days.

Jun 4, 2011

I don't understand the negatives on this one. Lasting power is the biggest drawback, with an unknown concentration in this "scent spray parfum vaporizer." Otherwise, it's a winner. I'll be rebuying, that's for sure!

Can be had quite cheap on fleabay, if you watch for it. Used or testers under $10 for 30ml, about $25 for 125ml. I have both. I also *love* the bubble bath - about $8 on fleabay.
Mar 26, 2011

This fragrance is nice. I find it smells clean and sweet at the same time. Unforgivable Woman is very light and powdery to my nose. I wear this scent when I know I am going to be in a crowded place because it is very soft and inoffensive. Not a fragrance I absoutley can't live without, but this scent is pretty and I do like wearing it....
Nov 15, 2009

I clearly dont understand the negative reviews on this sweet innocent feminine fragrance. On me it smells delightful and i know other people who also love this scent. It is an inoffence smell i is perfect for work as it is not too over powerful. I can smell the cucumber, apple , jasmine, freesia and the coco de mer which gives it a slightly gourmand smell but not in a sickly way like Angel.Does need to be applied a couple of times a day though as the silage is not that strong.I have bought thid twice now and will continue to purchase it in the future
Jan 31, 2009

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