Une Souris Verte fragrance notes

  • Head

    • mandarin, lemon, tomato leaf, rosemary, artemisia, basil, verbena
  • Heart

    • orange blossom, lily of the valley, cypress, freesia
  • Base

    • rosewood, vetiver, honey water

Latest Reviews of Une Souris Verte

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This has to be marketed as a shower gift (that packaging with the mouse toy on the cap is a hint) The house of Molinard has reasonably priced quality scents.This is aromatic but has no lavender, with a slightly earthy feel from the basil, tomato leaf and artemesia,but the slight touch of white flowers along with the citruses keep it from being too woody. A nice choice for hot weather for someone with a baby bump, or a muffin top (like me). Has definate unisex possibilities but the packaging might be a problem for some men. If you take it out of the box and remove the mouse, the bottle itself looks universally plain, though it it may not be readily available in the market anyway. It was listed on the Molinard website last I checked.

28th February 2012
a fresh aromatic green and spicy (citrus !) scent.quite unusual and strange.it needs getting used to this somehow special scent- and to the package.it´s more a feminine scent.if you look for a green scent the following are a better choice : diorella by dior, cristalle by chanel!,vintage vent vert by balmain, eau sauvage by dior,vintage monsieur balmain.,vintage alliage by lauder.These scents are far more complex and interesting, better composed and balanced.
16th February 2011

A nice swapper sent me a sample of this and I liked it so much that I went to the Molinard site to get more info about it. The company itelf is over a hundred years old and was founded in Grasse, France (where it all started). Turns out, this perfume is made for children! I'm not surprised, since this is a lovely fresh and clean citrus scent that smells like Provence. Probably the prettiest "citrus" fragrance I've ever smelled. I could bathe in this stuff. I don't really think I'd spray it on my children (they smell great just as they are!), but I'd certainly wear it myself. Notes include: cedrat, armoise, basil, mandarine, tomato flower, cypres, muguet, freesia, orange flower,vetiver, palissandre, and eau de miel. I translated the ones I understood into English--the other notes are en francais.
20th April 2007