Rose Tonnerre / Une Rose fragrance notes

    • Turkish rose absolute, geranium, wine accord, Vetiver, patchouli, truffle accord

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This is a red rose wilting; its petals’ edges are drying up and curling back on themselves. Everything returns to dust, as is the case, with this rose. A dusty rose with a foot fetish that stays rosy to the end. It dries down to an ever-present rosey, lightly honeyed, yeasty flower on a musky/wood base.

The woody aroma chemicals are quite perceptible in the dry down. If these scents agree with you, this is pretty special. This rose is not basic; it’s pure, but with plenty of character. It’s not embellished like PoaL, which I also enjoy. They’re very different.

This is a must-sniff for rose lovers.
14th April 2023
Une Rose --- The Rose?

A rich rose, steeped in yeasty wine-lees and truffle ... with a light harmonic geranium, and a fatty-animal note coming straight off the blocks.
And then, a slow dark rumble of vetiver-patchouli, and a base of light amber.
It's a classic combination, which Fléchier makes anew - no doubt thanks to the direction of Malle; they have plucked a rose that’s earthy-humid - and elegant - at the same time.

The blend of earthy and elegant reminds me of French Lover (aka Bois d’Orage, or Storm Wood – 2007). They are both mutable scents - at home in town or country - but where that was pale and minimal, this is deep and raw; a rose that would liven up a dark forest or a dimly lit bar.

Not only is it tasteful, Une Rose is technically brilliant.
The depths are dark and complex; it could get muddy but it doesn’t thanks to a bouyancy that’s part bitter-powdery, part acid bite; it makes a Blood-Dry rose that’s light and legible but still warm.

It’s a wonderful scent; subtle but straightforward, aloof but alluring, Grande dame and Gothic; a masterpiece.

And - I’m sure, it’s not just a rose to some, but The Rose...

It's now been renamed Rose Tonnere ::: cue Thundering Groans and Gnashing of Teeth ...
20th August 2022

Careless Whisper by Geroge Michael. Listen to that song with your eyes closed. Feel those words, listen to the notes, hear that saxophone snaking throughout. Then hear the end, that continues to linger in your head, this is the thing that could help you get what i see and understand why i love this fragrance. Une Rose is like a luscious rose liqueur from another world. Rose and geranium is a classic for a reason, and the addition of honey feels completely natural. To my nose, the rose is paired with a slightly Metallic geranium note. Geranium is so multi-facted that it can sometimes smell like roses. I don't get any icy or cold here at all.

Une Rose is rose soliflore there are some hints at fresh green notes, but it is always about the rose. It begins with thick beautiful red rose, sweet and glorious spicy and unexpectedly bright opening. It develops with a very subtle geranium support, and a little taste of wine. There is another note, it's the musk&honey coming together to create a warm note that's very inviting. The blend smells elegant and classy. Icouldn't enough of that is an aromatic. A bewitching rose fragrance which is both unusual and effortless to wear. Performance is great.
20th July 2021
This is for the Rose and the Perfume fetishists - only grown ups allowed. Earthy, woody, uber luxurious and sensual. If Marlene D was still here this would follow her around mingling with her cigarette smoke.
8th October 2020
I give this 3 and a half stars. For me, this starts out sharp. Intense. Overpowering geraniums, smother the rose, briefly. A slight wine tinge. The middle seems slightly woody, a bit earthy, as the rose mellows out. The base is lovely with a honeyed fruit, musky sweetened lipstick finish.
28th January 2018
A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.

Really, I can repeat it a thousand time, so does this perfume. It's not just "une" rose, it's the universals of roses.

Except that overwhelming sweetness––but not unpleasant––I also get a heady indolic scent. It's strong enough to hallucinate you: everything is tinted rosy after one spray.
30th August 2017
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