Une Nuit Magnétique fragrance notes

  • Head

    • ginger, blueberry, bergamot
  • Heart

    • egyptian jasmine, turkish rose, tuberose, plum
  • Base

    • amber, woods, benzoin, patchouli, musk

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I found this to be quite feminine, and intriguing in that as it dries down, there are different notes that seem to wander in and out. It wears close enough to skin on me that I can see myself wearing it out to run errands, or possibly even office,IF we ever return to such things.
Not a SMASHING wonderful fragrance, but fits a niche that most adult woman need -- feminine,interesting, personal, and wearable for everyday or spiked a little heavier for evening out.
29th October 2020
A balsamic amber done in the usual light style associated with The Different Company, Une Nuit Magnetique is a shimmer of a perfume, beginning with a brief dance of a plummy-gingery top after which it is mainly about the base that seems to shift continually between layers of dusky notes. There's a bit of the beige song of chamomile in here, a mousse-like treatment of the usual ambery resins, woody notes offer something in the vein of a cosmetic paste preparation rather than the usual fragrant dryness, black tea dregs and much, much more, all spun out like gossamer. What little sweetness there is here comes from a diffuse, indistinct floral aura which fits well with its generally indeterminate mood.
Une Nuit Magnetique teases the nose with a mix of things that should be recognizable but which remain elusive. This may vex perfume-lovers of a more analytical disposition – but should one relax sufficiently to let go of the precious ‘notes', one will find a perfume of rewarding subtlety that sits like a shawl that's just right, neither too bulky, nor too flimsy.
25th April 2019

A straightforwardly feminine musky/soapy-lipstick kind of fancy cosmetical aroma (a sort of rosey-soapy olfactory rendition of a women's sensual body foam), quite fresh and musky but all at once warm and erotic. A sort of semi-gourmand spicy aroma (vaguely saffronish-lactonic a la Costume National 21 and slightly laundry a la Villoresi Iperborea) with hints of creaminess, a whiff of "after sun lotion's vibe" and just the right tad of creamy-sugary yumminess. Nothing dark about Une Nuit Magnetique which is on the contrary sunny and perfect for spring time.
11th April 2019
Unfortunately this type of note is one I'm familiar with from a particular mass market deodorant and toiletry line, so that rather spoils it for me. And also sows doubts about how different some of the Different Company's perfumes really are.
24th March 2017