Uncut Gem fragrance notes

  • Head

    • ginger, bergamot, mandarin, Angelica root, nutmeg
  • Heart

    • leathery accord, vetiver, frankincense
  • Base

    • amber, musk

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The scent is not bad but it leaves me perplexed.... The opening is very beautiful, citrus, spicy and sparkling and you can immediately feel the base that will be the protagonist of all the evolutions. Just the base makes me think.... essentially it's a musky plasticy leather accord, very very similar to the one heard in the Gualtieri such as Bergamask, Cuoium, Nudiflorum etc... in short, it sounds to me like I've heard before, a sort of Blu de Chanelle with a Gualtieri base, it's hard for me to imagine it as Rouchelle's personal perfume... It didn't strike me, not at all.... It's not bad but today I wouldn't buy it because I find there are better in the genre , at least for me. Discreet projection, good durability thanks to the leather base
2nd July 2023
I'm in the minority here, as I rather enjoy this quite a lot. Sure, its not earth shattering by any means, but it smells mature, well-groomed and sophisticated and would make a excellent office scent. Upon first spray, the combination of ginger, cedar and angelica gave me a vague impression of something I imagined an 'Eau' version of French Lover would smell like, but things quickly shifted towards something in the same realm as Tabarome by Creed. In the mid, I can also smell a hint of tobacco leaf which would count for its darker undertones, while the citruses keep everything bright, and cheerful - I suppose the references to Tom Ford for Men are somehow justifiable at this stage. Leather is noexistent overall but perhaps a hint of petrol can sometimes be sensed. The ambrocenide is front and center, in what I can only describe as a fuzzy, salty, sparkling, and warm molecule. It basically smells like a reconstructed version of Creed's ambergris accord. The angelica accord never fully leaves and that is part of the reason why I like the scent a lot since its one of my favorite notes in perfumery. Overall, I think its great and certainly does not deserve the title of worst scent from FM. That title goes to Rose and Cuir.
8th March 2023

Reminds me of older, darker, very masculine scents from the ’80s or ’90s. I see comparison’s to Tabarome, which I get, but the scent that immediately comes to mind is Mr. Blass. It is slightly more modern than the Bill Class scent so mix in Dior Homme 2020. Leather, frankincense, and musk make this a highly masculine amber scent to me.

This smells refined and classy but the scent profile won't be for all. A gentlemen's scent, probably 50 or older.
22nd January 2023
AWFUL Awful fragrance, this is very much in the vein of the commercial men's that Spice laced citrus before the inevitable super amber bomb absolutely sickening to the stomach this scent was obviously made to make money attract the savuage bros and BDC stans a scent thats within there taste but not massively used, scents like this are everything wrong with society passionless and a celebration of mediocrity
4th November 2022
This fragrance gives me strong associations with some recent Hermes releases such as H24 and Citron Noir. I'm picking up on a familiar metallic, citrusy, synthetic woods vibe, which is not inherently bad. It might sound like an oxymoron, but it smells expensive and synthetic at the same time. When smelling it up close, you can detect the synthetic wood accord, but in the air, it's less noticeable.

I understand the brand's intention with this fragrance. They're trying to hop on the ambroxan bandwagon and release their own version to compete with the likes of Eau de Citron Noir and other Hermes releases. However, I'm not convinced that I would pay over $420 for this type of scent.
31st October 2022