This fragrance was inspired by Ulysses S. Grant. After a heroic performance in the Mexican-American War, Grant slipped into a depression and drank his way out of the army. He returned to Saint Louis, struggling to find his place in life. After a few failed attempts to make a living, including selling firewood on a corner, Grant spent time working in his family's tannery until he joined the Union army in the American Civil War.

Finding himself in a familiar role, Grant threw himself vigorously into his duty. One noteworthy performance that caught President Lincoln's eye was the capture of Fort Donelson from the Confederacy. When asked for his terms when negotiating the surrender, Grant demanded unconditional surrender. This helped win him the top spot in the armed forces, as well as a level of fame that caused admirers to send him thousands of cigars.

Unconditional Surrender fragrance notes

    • amber, tonka bean, amyris, cedarwood, agarwood, vetiver, cigar tobacco, black tea, jasmine, geranium

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This wears as a very masculine scent, so rating the scent for the right man. I think most women would find it too...male.

It is named in honor of Union General Ulysses S. Grant, and the scent balances dark and to me, bitter. Think leather, boozy, cigar smoke and tobacco worn by a man who is on horseback, in battle, and sleeping on the greens on the ground so long these scents have grown into his skin. Scents of cigar, tobacco, and amber highlighted with snatches of geranium. Notes say jasmine and. Oud joins the drydown to tonka bean and vetiver.

Trial size five-pack is only $25 at Chatillon Lux, a great way to explore his scents. This is the only one I'll pass on to a male cousin.

I have tried, and do wear, several of Shawn Maher's scents: Admiral sounds masculine but has a delightful sweetness in dry-down. His Weinstrasse is a wonderful scent journey though wine country in late summer that should suit either gender. His Yuzu/Rose/Patchouli is luxuriant, rich and marvelous.
21st October 2020