Halston (2001)

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Unbound by Halston

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Unbound is a women's perfume launched in 2001 by Halston

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Reviews of Unbound by Halston

There are 3 reviews of Unbound by Halston.

This is a very weak floral with even weaker citrus notes and a soapy note on top of it all. Not enough of any one thing to make it a keeper; skip it and look elsewhere.

Unbound has a definite floral / fruity bent to it. Of course it has the ozonics of the masculine Unbound, but this one stays unquestionably on the feminine side. It is pretty. Its florals, its sweetness, and its sillage are kept wearable levels. It has a pleasant and long lasting sandalwood drydown. Halston Unbound for women gives every indication that it is an easy fragrance to wear, and that it will be quite forgiving of application: In that respect, it is similar to the version for men, and, like the male version, this one is a bargain. I agree with Takemyhusbandplz's assessment. A pleasant, wearable fragrance for a reasonable price.

This is a very pretty feminine floral with lots of well done sandalwood. Great casual, feel good fragrance. Poetic in it's simplicity.Info from Fragrancenet:DESIGN HOUSE - HalstonYEAR INTRODUCED - 2001FRAGRANCE NOTES - a fresh scent of leafy florals, sandalwood and musk.RECOMMENDED USE - daytime

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