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The company says:

Among other things, Ummagumma refers to an infamously heady and weird Pink Floyd album from 1969. Chocolate and tonka bean create a euphoric gourmand opening melded with the richness of tobacco that gradually gives way to ambery labdanum, cedar and incense all warmed by soft musks. Perfect for a night out…or a night in.

Dark, rich, mysterious, intoxicating amber with chocolate, tobacco and woody notes. Loaded with real tonka bean absolute!

Fragrance notes.

Reviews of Ummagumma by Bruno Fazzolari

There are 11 reviews of Ummagumma by Bruno Fazzolari.

Opens with a short-lived blast of "Christmas candle" that suggests a spiced gourmand, but really this settles into a woody, sticky blend of tobacco and incense. Gorgeous stuff, really.
Jul 6, 2021

Of the two FZOTIC offerings I've sampled (Vetiverissimo, Ummagumma), both seem to me to be reimaginings of classic mainstream frags.

In my mind, Fazzolari is not only reinterpreting these, but "doing them right," through a combination of expert mixing and use of ingredients of a strikingly superior quality to the original.

I was surprised not to see Bvlgari Black mentioned here, as Ummagumma is the ideal self of Bvlgari Black -- the tonka note is both more intense here (vegetal, flanked by the vanilla as opposed to ) and better balanced (the chocolate is dry as a bone, which along with the woods, saffron, and incense, corrects Black's cloying sweetness).

The effect is an unmistakeable "Bvlgari Black accord." You'll probably trick those around you into thinking you're wearing Black, except you'll smell better than that, and Ummagumma performs much better.

Performance: 6/10
Sillage: 4/10
Composition: 9/10
Sep 15, 2020

I smell mostly sweet, boozy wood, not the gourmand I'd expect from the chocolate. I like it - it goes on boozy, like immortelle dusted with cinnamon and flanked with citrus. The chocolate combines with a coffee note to smell roasted and woody.

Given time, the woods and incense from the base come into focus and add complexity and depth.

I like the balance here. This could have been an immortelle bomb or a gourmand mess, but it comes out perfect. Thumbs up.
Jul 20, 2020

Not neccesarily my thing. Good quality though. The wife said "it smekks like food." Apt. It opens with a choco-tonka-coffee smell. The tonka is used judiciously here as to keep this a gourmand without necesarily bludgeoning you with sweetness. As this fades a couple hour in it is a cocolate incense fragrance. There is notable development in this fragrance, which keeps it interesting. Sort of a niche quality incense A*Men. Good performance. Thumbs up.
Jun 10, 2019

This is my first and only encounter with Bruno Fazzolari. I'm savoring a sample of it until I can justify a purchase, but it is so uniquely delightful. It's like Mexican hot chocolate at $125/cup.

I used to have a favorite Mexican spot that served THE BEST abuelita to ever hit my taste buds. And when I spray Ummagumma it makes me feel like I'm sitting there, in that booth by the window, relishing every sip at 4 a.m. after a night on the town and some chicken flautas.

I'm not sure which combination of notes gives me the spark of cinnamon, but it's the first thing I smell on my skin. So on me, it starts out sweet and crisp, but gets deeper with time, which is when I start to smell the chocolate accord. It's truly delectable; sweet, but dark, and somehow playfully sexy without coming off as a flake.
Mar 15, 2019

4 stars... Right away I can smell the chocolate, leather, labdanum, and saffron; these are what stand out. This is a heavy blend of "stuff". A colder weather scent. Dried tobacco note is "just right". Sandalwood, cedar (always that damn cedar), Tonka, and vanilla rise to the occasion with a dark, smoldering boozy sweet. Carnation and suede-leather under it all. A quite lovely, unisex "oriental". It's not quite several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict but, it's close.
Dec 16, 2018

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