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Reviews of Ulysse by Vicky Tiel

There are 21 reviews of Ulysse by Vicky Tiel.

I've been wanting to try Ulysse by Vicky Tiel and despite the negative reviews...it only seemed to provoke my curiousity to try it.After spending tome time with this fragrance I can say that I do like it. But I thought this should been named 'Ulysse Musk' because it is of that musk genre.I would refer to this as a richer and green update to the style of Jovan Musk for Men.

Ulysse starts out with lavender,hawthorne,and lime blossoms.Clean,green,a mild accent done with the hawthorne and lavender contacting each other and reminding me of spring.A hint of sweetness from some vanilla but as the lavender evolves into a powder it becomes cool and pleasant.Nutgmeg becomes apparent and as the musk gains strength it binds with it...spicy and very musky.This fragrance still retains the light green hawthorne and lime blossom mix in the background.

Closing Thoughts:
I've had good results with Ulysse at 3 sprays holding a low to moderate projection at a good 8 hours.This isn't a thin or bland fragrance by any means but a thick and modernized(for it's time period) musk fragrance.I will complement Ulysse by Vicky Tiel by stating as an under $20 fragrance it's a very interesting musk...classic but well advanced in composition.If this came out in the 80's and was by Davidoff,Dior,or Yves Saint Laurent?this would probably have a stronger level of recognition.

Apr 6, 2018

A very refreshing citrus and floral scent. Reminds me a bit of Anucci Men. Ulysse is a very pleasant fragrance, so, thumbs up for me.
Jun 24, 2014

Overall pleasant and mild floral, vanilla,sandalwood but lacking in longevity Overall, I'm pleased with this fragrance. I paid $12 for a 3.4 oz EDT. My expectations were low, but I was pleasantly surprised with this blind buy. The packaging and bottle is very nice. If you're into cool bottles, this is definitely a buy. It starts out very floral and feminine -very fresh and light with a lot of lavender. It could almost be a woman's fragrance at first. After about 30 minutes it almost totally dries down to a sweet, mildly warm vanilla and sandalwood. It still retains some floral characteristics, most notably lavender, but it's an overall transformation from floral fresh to vanilla sandalwood. I enjoy both stages but would have liked more of the floral notes to have remained throughout. This is good in hot weather for daytime casual wear. The longevity on this is disappointing. I get about 3 hours of easily noticeable scent from two sprays to the neck/collar. After that time it can only be smelled with your nose buried into your neck. Sillage is very minor to non-existent. Projection is minor but noticeable within arms reach of someone, especially when within the two hour mark of application. I'm pretty happy with Ulysse, especially for just $12. It's worth checking out.Pros: Cool Bottle, Inexpensive, Nice ScentCons: Poor Longevity, loses its floral qualities very quickly."
Aug 10, 2013

Opens with a lot of promise. There's no mistaking this for an expensive fragrance, but it certainly smells pleasant and the florals are a welcome change of pace from the usual mens fragrances.
Ulysses is synthetic, to be sure, but it doesn't smell like anything I've ever smelled before.

Unfortunately the cheap fun is all too short-lived. To get this to project or last for even two to three hours requires 8+ squirts from the atomiser, anything less than this will leave you alone with your thoughts an hour or so later.

The drydown is also nothing special. The florals don't take to the fore like I had hoped, and it becomes a soft, clean, and incredibly derivative musky with a hint of something smoky.

A lot of potential, but the drydown does not take advantage of its opening, and the strength of this juice is anything but epic (I knew I had to work an Odyssey reference in there).

Thumbs down from me.
Nov 16, 2012

Unless you read the reviews for Ulysse, you probably would walk right past it. This fragrance gets a lot of praise from the people who have tried it, or own it. Unfortunatley for my self, it's just so & so. If you follow my reviews, you should know, it's no secret that I'm not a fan of musky fragrances. Ulysse is very heavy on the musk.

Ulysse opens up with sort of a melon/honeysuckle top (possibly even carnation flower?), with a heavy dose of lavender and musk underneath it. Within 5 minutes or so, the melon top fades, and you're left with nothing but lavender and musk. Projection is fair, longevity is decent -- at about 4-5 hours. This fragrance is very similar to PS Casual, but with a more interesting top note(s)/ The dry down rids itself of the other notes, and leaves you with a powdery musk. From beginning to end though; you can expect powder, florals, and musk.

I would actually have preferred this scent more if the musk was toned down, as both this and Casual have a nice blend of floral and powdery notes, but with too much musk for my liking. Regardless, Ulysse is a casual scent you can wear to the office every day, if these notes float your boat.
Oct 25, 2012

Ulysse opens with sweet, heady florals and citrus that transform into a tawdry, spicy musk scent which no self-respecting Greek Hero would ever wear.
Jul 19, 2012

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