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Jean Paul Gaultier (2015)

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Ultra Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

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Reviews of Ultra Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

If you like Le Mâle, the original is still to be smelled amongst what is different about this one.

If the original had better longevity, I'd have purchased it.

I bought this one instead because Kurkdjian was still the perfumer and this is an absolute BEAST when it comes to projection and longevity. Holy crap.

It is sweet, but there's spice in there, too. And I don't find it to be necessarily juvenile. It's a pretty scent.

I legit would not use more than two sprays on myself and go out in public, and I'm generally not shy about being smelled.

Easy on the trigger, cowboy, I kid you not.

This is one of my FAVES. The one i wear when i WANT to be noticed... The beginning is VERY sweet (sugary hard candy kind), and it kicks back with a confident swagger. Fades to close range, but keeps the tasty vibe going.

Odd that it's not the powerhouse I heard about (for me). I recently purchased this from a 100% reputable retailer, sealed in the can and made in France. It smells great but not much projection or sillage. It has many of the same notes as the original Le Male but smells different.

Sweet, cinnamon (bubblegum), vanilla dry-down. It's a very cheerful scent like mattandhiscat said. I like it.

LOL, I mixed this with Versace Eros in a travel atomizer and gave it a try.I was going to a meeting and knowing it would be strong I went with only 2 sprays and even that seemed too much. It took about an hour for my headache to clear and then the top notes subsided and the Tonka kicked in, it smelled amazing. I know it attracted the attention of the younger ladies and the following week they all chose to sit next to me.

This is an entirely different scent. Don't blind buy this.

This is sweet but not synthetic.
The opening is powerful sweet with cinnamon, although it's spicy it has a rather calming aura.

The scent is original/different

Jeremy Fragrance and others of his sort are degrading this scent by saying it's a club king.

Ultra Male is a romantic, soft and lovely scent...only to share with a female you truly love.

Wonderful new perfume by JPG, no wonder by the hands (and nose) of Francis Kurkdgian. It is very subtle and discreet throughout all day and it is true that one spray is very powerfull. Also, I think that it does not resemble the original Le Male and it is a completely new fragrance.

I can see how this fragrance would divide opinion..it's very childish and feminine in the opening (reminds me of british fruit salad sweets from my childhood) for me tho it really cheers me up and it's not a smell I dislike, I've just got to be feeling like something sweet. ..the dry down is nice, when all joyful comotion of the fruity pear top notes have faded a little and the relaxing vanilla and spicey cinnamon can play a part. Performance is very good and the whole concept is a pleasing idea for a fun winter night out. I'd say this is a sickly gourmand aimed for the young modern crowd in a nut shell, but if we take away the reputation and presentation we are left with a very special gourmand anyone can pull off. I also think it's far better than the reformulated original. There have been some ups and downs with the flankers but this is excellent and popeye is very good also.

Yikes, this one is a beast!!

I am a perpetual fan of the original Le Mâle, and I have kept a close eye on its flankers over the years.

This version is a turbo-charged remake of Le Mâle, barely resembling it and more so redefining it with a super-sweet flair that stands on its own. I would wear it in moderation: As the name suggests, it is INTENSE and can be quite cloying if worn beyond a light spritz or two.

Wear with discretion. ;^>

Ultra Male receives a lot of hate, but why? I think Ultra Male has it's place. I had a sample and the dry down always reminded me of a cinnamon sugar cookie. I really enjoyed that and found it almost comforting. If this were a gourmand by Thierry Mugler, Pure Sugar Cookie perhaps, everyone would be raving about how great it is! I know many will disagree but once you get past the sweet pear opening, this fragrance is quite nice. I would recommend this for a casual setting or night out if you like sweet gourmand fragrances. Performance is a 10 too!

Was excited to blind buy a bottle of this shortly after it's release. The opening was much sweeter than I expected to be honest. Which is just fine, as I really enjoy sweet scents. The drydown has a little something magical about it to my nose. Can't quite put my finger on it....and it's strange because I mostly pick up pear(early stage), lavender, vanilla and a bit of cinnamon. Shouldn't be anything special in particular you'd think? And yet there is.

With that being said, I do find myself tire of this scent after about the 4 or 5hr mark and long for something else. It does have very good/well above average longevity and projection. Not "beast mode" by any means, but definitely pushes out there and you will be noticed wearing this one.

This fragrance is a bit of an enigma to me. Yes, I really and truly enjoy it. But at times it can also be kind of blah for me and wonder why I have a 125ml of this?
In the opening, I think "man, this smells pretty girlie".....and then hours later into the drydown I think "that's more like it, this has mellowed out and darkened up a bit!"

Not quite sure what to think of it. It most certainly isn't a love for me...but also north of a "meh". Hmmmm. One thing I do know, there is not a whole heck of a lot that is "Ultra Male" about this juice. Unless we are comparing it side by side to CK Reveal, in which case it looks downright Kouros-esque.;)

Just enough to tip the scales in it's favor to get a thumbs up from me instead of a neutral.

One word delicious! If you like sweet scents go for it. This is a beast in projection and longevity on my skin. Now that winter is here in Australia this will be my go to frag this year.

This is good.

The opening boasts a warm sweet cinnamon reminiscent of Givenchy Pi but minus the sneeze accord and much deeper and loveable.

The lavender in the original Le Male then shows up but without displacing the sweet cinnamon opening.

Then vanilla appears, sharing the stage with the lavender and cinnamon.

This is a beautiful gourmand that will do well in the cold.

Enthusiastic thumbs up.

Everyone talks about the "lipstick" note in Dior Homme Intense. And people go crazy trying to find the "chocolate" intense original formulation. Well, this does not smell like DHI, but it is distinctly sweet -- SMELLS LIKE LIPSTICK -- very gourmand (the vanilla smells like chocolate to me). It did not remind me of the original Le Male.

I smelled it today and i really like it even better then original in fact.And it is sweet but not too sweet to my nose

Objectively: pumped up one in instance, in its core in a way. Strictly looking, or sniffing, with a cold, reasonable head - a worthy successor.

Subjectively: way too sweet, sweeter than the original, toned to a bit darker colour not just of the bottle, but scent also in a way. Overall quite redundant when put side by side with the original.

Good idea and good performance however wrong time. There is still the original and the original still smells damn good. There are also a lot of, for better or worse, copies of the original under different brands and names - by this I don't mean fakes but simply other fragrances.

If you have the original, at least try Ultra Male, I doubt it'll impress you to a level that you'd buy a full bottle. If you had the original Le Male and still would like to again, try Ultra Male for it is Le Male with a twist.

There is one very good light spot that forces me to rate this fragrance positively - the dry down. Dry down is that awesome to me, at least on my skin, that I'd actually buy it and wear it just because of it.

Originality 0/10
Scent 8/10
Longevity 9/10
Projection 9/10

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