U by Ungaro for Her 
Ungaro (2007)

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Reviews of U by Ungaro for Her by Ungaro

There are 3 reviews of U by Ungaro for Her by Ungaro.

It has a sharp, watery, fresh and peppery scent.
I find it very irritating and would not wear it in any occasion.
really disappointed by Ungaro.
Oct 9, 2014

It is nice and discretly sensual. Comfortable and not overly sweet. I don't think anyone could dislike it, and I think it deserves to be more known than it is.
Nov 14, 2008

I agree, this fragrance is alluring! I find it to be a very pretty floral, but not too sweet. It is a romantic, sensual fragrance perfect for an evening out, but just as nice for daily wear. It's been a long time since I've been pleasantly surprised by newly released fragrances. This is a winner for me! Also- the bottle is sexy, and classy.
Jul 28, 2008

It smells so sweet, feminine, and alluring!
Jun 12, 2008

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