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Zoologist Perfumes (2018)

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Zoologist Tyrannosaurus Rex is a gargantuan scent that sinks its teeth into the world of delicate fragrances and rips it wide open. Primitive woods and florals seize you and snatch you away to an ancient era. Smoky, charred wood warns of the danger of smouldering fire, setting your senses on edge, while droplets of metallic rose oxide offer a chilling premonition of blood-lust. The mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex is sometimes menacing, sometimes fascinating, but never, ever ordinary.

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Reviews of Tyrannosaurus Rex by Zoologist Perfumes

There are 13 reviews of Tyrannosaurus Rex by Zoologist Perfumes.

Tyrannosaurus Rex is an amazing and odd creation - if you know the previous works by Antonio Gardoni, you might have a guess in what direction this is headed.

There is a huge blast of what smells to me like frankincense in the opening, the kind found in the likes of Amouage's Tribute, paired with a metallic rose oxide/geranium combo, and tied even further still with a rubbery, spiced cade note that really causes one to imagine a barbecue of exotic meats and spices. Beneath this, there is a thick and oily champaca note alongside dark and dried florals and woods underneath. There is a somewhat lush and sharp fir note here as well recalling forests of yesteryear. The resins here feel sweet and dry, occasionally bolstering the frankincense, or as if molten lacquer has coated the florals beneath.

This is, in my estimation, the longest journey and the most shape-shifting animal to come from the zoologist ark. There's a definite smokey-avant-garde opening, a rich floral stage, an animallic/leathery stage, and then a luscious sandalwood base that hangs around for aeons once all else has gone away (days in my case.)

This is just a preliminary notation in my case from the first spray of my bottle, but from what I can tell this is a damn gorgeous juice, and a masterwork from the greatest avant-garde perfumer working today.

Cheers to Zoologist!

YT: Jess AndWesH
Nov 24, 2021

A positively weird, unique and strong fragrance With a lot of incense, smoked woods, flowers and vanilla. Gorgeous.
Oct 28, 2020

This king of beasts, which ruled the earth for millions of years, now finds expression in a fragrance. And what a king of fragrances this is, arresting and distinctive, you could not possibly mistake it for anything else.

The nearest approach might be Spiritus Land 2, from Miller and Bertaux. This is another favourite fragrance of mine which, like T. Rex, lets everyone know who is boss. T.Rex might be described as a full Technicolor version of the M&B creation, with an additional metallic edge.

There is a definite Russian Leather aspect and the smoky cade oil is clearly perceptible, but the fragrance is full bodied and clean smelling. In fact it is not so much a scent as a total sensation, as it enters your nose like a predator in search of a prey. All it finds in my case is some very appreciative olfactory receptors, signalling a positive experience to my humble human brain.

Definitely a fragrance which has grown on me and one which should stand the test of time.
Feb 3, 2020

T-Rex is a beast of a fragrance. It will swallow you whole. The notes list doesn't look that unusual, but the effect produced is something else entirely.

They wanted to create the scent of a dense, hot jungle. Humid greenery, ripe indolic flowers? Check.
They wanted the scent of a giant, mauling its prey. Animal musks, blood accord? Check.
They wanted the scent of prehistoric chaos, lava and wildfires. Smoke, tar, burnt flesh? Check.

Everything they wanted to do they did, and I commend Zoologist for it. In a purely artistic sense this fragrance is a 5/5. It creates insane imagery. I could never wear this to work, but it has a special place as something for me to enjoy all to myself on the weekends.
Jan 19, 2020

An immediate blast of smoke and incense.

This scent hanging in the air right after spraying reminds me of the late 70s at Spencer's in the mall. I can almost see the black lights and psychadelic posters.

It's surprising how potent this is. Smelling my wrist now, I get more of a smoke and a rubber note, which is a little weird. An image of an abandoned desert parking lot comes to mind - maybe it's dust, gasoline and dried brush.

I'm confused, nervous, and I like it.

However, wearing T Rex is probably not conducive to computer programming.

I just asked my 5-year-old grandchild to give me her opinion. She sniffed thoughtfully, gave me a silent thumbs-up, and held up her own wrist for a spray. Interesting.

The drydown for me, hours and hours later, was beautiful, deep rose.
Jan 17, 2020

You watched a movie once. One of those Fast & Furious flicks. At one point The Rock was barreling down a city street in a brand new Lincoln Town Car, being chased by bad guys in a deisel-powered semi. (Diesel fuel that is, not Vin Diesel.)

To get away, The Rock swerves and leaps out the car, doing an amazing roll on the sidewalk swiveling around and shooting his Uzi at the semi. The brand new Lincoln Town Car, however, is not so lucky, and careens over the sidewalk through the window of a flower shop, killing the proprietor and sending flowers everywhere. The bad guys, not being very smart, swerve to follow it and crash into it from behind, and the bullets flying from The Rock's Uzi hit their gas tank and blow them up in a grand fireball. The local fire department never show up because they're still busy dealing with the destruction in another part of town caused by the rest of the cast. An hour later the fires have pretty much gone out on their own, thankfully, and the quiet street is littered with hot metal, diesel fuel, and the contents of the flower shop, all permeated by the smoke.

Antonio Gardoni wanders through, and thinks, "good god, I should bottle this."

He does, and it's utterly magnificent.
Oct 25, 2019

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