Reviews of Twilight Woods by Bath and Body Works

Twilight Woods has a dewy quality - the fruity notes & musk here make it evocative of a wet forest, yet there's a creaminess to it, too, which gives it that warm & cozy vibe. The coconut and orange notes lend an exotic kick. It feels like every note has a particular role to fill, and together they form a scent very appropriate for its name. One of the better offerings from B&BW!
13th June 2016
There is just something about this fragrance. I absolutely love it. I do get the fruity sweetness out of bottle, but it fades to something quite nice and powdery musk on me. One of my favorites for sure.
27th November 2015

Between Moonlight Path and this one, I have to say that "Twilight Woods" is actually the one I prefer, although obviously I like both.
The version of the scent that I own and that I am wearing right now is actually the feminine version. Unfortunately, I'm not as familiar with the masculine version of this fragrance, so I can't really comment on that one, and my review is really only going to focus on the feminine scent.
First of all, I need to point out that the name of this fragrance is a little bit misleading, since it's actually really not a very woody, green, dark or masculine scent. "Moonlight Path" is a little bit herbal green, dark and unisex but this one really, really isn't. It's a completely different perfume family altogether. "Twilight Woods" for women is actually a warm, sweet, vanilla-based and slightly fruity gourmand-oriental scent. Overall, it smells like sweet, vanilla-scented cream with just a touch of apricot jam thrown in. Obviously, it has a bit of a woody base too, but wood notes are not really dominant in this scent. It's like very sweet, perfumed wood, like what you would find in a potpourri, although this is more like a potpourri you could eat. :) It's definitely a very delicious-smelling fragrance! What it actually makes me think of the most is having afternoon tea in a fancy tea-house, and eating scones served with rich Devonshire cream and jam and fancy tea cakes and pastries. Yum! :) It's really not like a forest at all though, although it could definitely be a sexy evening perfume! I love wearing it all the time though. Like "Hypnotic Poison", this is a scent that actually just gives me positive, good vibes and makes me feel happy all day! This scent, in the lotion or cream, is maybe a bit much for me, but I absolutely adore the body mist and spritz it on liberally! Unfortunately, I think they may have discontinued this one from stores, but it should still be available on the Bath and Body Works website. Definitely try this one if you haven't already if you're a fan of vanilla perfumes and sweet gourmand scents in general. I don't think you'll be disappointed! :)
2nd November 2015
I love this perfume and apparently so does most of my town as it is normally sold out! A very warm and lingering scent that brings to mind snowy nights spent by the fire. I've tried the body lotions and shower gel as well and found they also had good staying power! very warm and very sexy!
25th August 2012
Essentially this is a fruity vanilla musk scent .I get a almost citrus-citrus+apricot ? blended with vanilla and possibly some toasted coconut.It probably does have -some-faux sandalwood in the mix as it does have a certain "thickness " to the composition.Twilight Woods is definitely at home in the dessert/gourmand scent family.
I have the lotion and a body mist. As I recall the EDT smells pretty much the same as the lotion .The body mist is much less concentrated in scent,the lotion much truer to the scent.
As far as longevity goes the lotion seems to last at least 5-7 hrs on skin layered with the body spray .The spray will last on clothes much longer 12-24 hrs.
10th August 2011
March 5, 2011: Twilight Woods? I think this one is seriously misnamed. The notes given by Bath and Body Works are "apricots, cypress, berries, and exotic woods." Apricots. Yes. Berries. Yes. Cypress? Where?! Exotic woods? Maybe some sandalwood, if I imagine reallllllly hard.

If I had blind sniffed this, I would have named it "Fruit Basket." But Woods? Eh. If you're a woods lover, this one will not meet expectations.

If you're a marketer trying to capitalize on the _Twilight_ sensation, then perhaps it's not misnamed at all.

Edit February 23, 2012: My previous review was for the lotion. I re-tried Twilight Woods today, using the new body mist that they're heavily promoting. It still really doesn't smell of "woods" to me, and I still think this scent is seriously misnamed. This time around, the fruitiness was not so overpoweringly annoying. The mist really is much lighter in scent than the lotion. I also stopped thinking about the stupid name, and hoping for woods, and realized there was coconut in here, which I do like. 4 hours later, there is definitely a musk. Overall, it's not a bad scent. Misnamed. But not a bad scent. The body mist is much more tolerable to me than the lotion, as the "fruit" smell is far lighter than the coconut and vanilla. I still don't really get the sandalwood. The body mist I would name "*Tropical* Fruit Basket."
5th March 2011
Decent, it has a sweet scent, but it's not overpowering, but a bit too musty for my taste.
5th May 2010
Bath and Body Works products are usually too cloying, and this is the worst of all.
24th April 2010