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The bergamot is quite strong in the opening blast, but I got some gentle woodsy backgroubd from early on. Petitgrain is added, but the drydown changes into a predominantly white floral mix. Orange blossom is strong, with touches of oleander and magnolia. Later on iris and violet also contribute.

The woodsiness becomes stronger in the base until the end.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and four hours of longevity on my skin.

For most of the time a bright summery scent with floral-woodsy undertones. It is rather linear, lacks complexity, and the performance is nothing to write home about. I do, however, enjoy the bath and skincare products, which are quite concentrated in the fragrance. 2.75/5.
10th March 2019
Not a bad scent, but it has disappointing performace for me which leads me to the neutral rating.

Tuscan Soul has a pronounced citrus emphasis upon initial spray-on - the petitgrain and orange blossom notes really help the bergamot to shine. But thereafter, TS seems to fade quickly on me into a sub-skinscent...a big pecadillo with me especially when I want more projection.

Perhaps by layering this scent, I'd get better performance. I really do like its Italian character, and I applaud Ferragamo for creating this otherwise refreshing scent. However, I am wanting a more "beast mode" response from TS, and it seems be more of a laid-back fragrance than I'd be willing to spend so much for with a full bottle.

I have alternatives elsewhere to satisfy my wants.
17th October 2018

Not my kind of Soul The first fragrance i bought blind with a little disappointment note to myself. Tuscan Soul is a very bright light fragrance with good longevity indeed smelling magnolia but in my nose this lacks depth and soul... Unisex in balance and i give this 75% feminine and 25% masculine. I gave it 4 months with several wearings on wrist n body to adapt and learn this fragrance but im done with my verdict : too feminine, too flowery, too shallow. Tuscan Soul is the one im never thinking of when im standing in front if my little puff-puff friends in the morning even on bright sunny days... Not a blind buy thats my warning i guess, overall its a good scent so i will give it 3 stars Im selling it.Pros: Bright and sunny type of scentCons: Bit too linear for my taste"
23rd August 2013
Tuscan Soul has disappointed me overall but the fragrance is very agreeable. Immediate comparisons within my arsenal were Eau Orlane, Eau de Rochas, Eau de Jade, O' de Lancome and Prada Infusion D'Oranger. Of these Eau de Rochas is top dog. Tuscan Soul is delightful but doesn't last. It goes on lavishly during this rather hot Southern hemisphere summer, takes one look at a puffy white cloud in the sky and goes to join it-the angel's share.
24th February 2013
no strength or depth. not even a skinscent. too light. at least it is very cheap but not worth 5 dollars.
17th February 2013
I really love this when it's first sprayed, however it has absolutely no sillage or longevity.

It's really very fresh and uplifting, but in my experience lasts only about 20 - 30 minutes maximum on my skin. Lucky it comes in a 125ml size bottle!

Frustratingly, I'd have to say that this is a failure, albeit a pleasantly uplifting one! I'm giving this a neutral rating because I do love the smell.
8th July 2012
A beautiful, light citrus based scent that one can certainly imagine wearing on a warm Summer's day while strolling along the beach feeling the sand between your toes.

This scent is so refreshing and delicate, almost like someone has squeezed lemon juice and mandarin orange directly onto your skin. Such an energizing and delightful feeling.

Be warned that this is a very intimate fragrance, stays very close to the skin. Tuscan Soul is not the kind of fragrance that will overwhelm the people around you, rather it will please yourself and the people that you allow to transcend past your personal boundaries.

Salvatore Ferragamo has shifted back to their original approach to fragrance compositions, leaving behind their most recent fruity floral presentations aimed solely at the younger market. Tuscan Soul is for the older market, men and women who prefer their Summer scents to exude class and distinction.

5th June 2011

Can smell like Lemon Plege
3rd February 2011
A perfect combination of citrics hits you from the get go, not sweet, not sour, just perfect. Then develops into a more herbal/flowery heart, but the citrics don't want to budge, they hold down for dear life, and then it just start fading out slowly with no basenotes as per se. Sometimes I get just a few hours , sometimes it lasts all day, so longevity is fickle at best.
Sillage is poor, but enough to be perceived by people close by. I have heard several time people comenting on the pleasant aroma "in the air" without realizing is my perfume.
One of my favorites, I like it so much I already have a 2 bottle back up just in case.
8th January 2011
I am afraid I will be a joy killer... but I tried Tuscan Soul recently and probably because I expected too much from the positive reviews... I really didn't like it all the way from the beginning to its dry down. There was a distinctive note that irritated me. I thought about it and it could be the fig leaves; however, I like fig notes in other fragrances such as Philosykos by Diptyque, or Fico de Amalfi by Acqua di Parma, or even the one by Marc Jacobs. In addition I continue to persistently look for my favourite citrus fragrance but the citrus in Tuscan soul left me unimpressed.To the positive side of this creation: it is fresh, uplifting, unisex, and it is long lasting (4 hours). Enjoy!
1st November 2010
Tuscan Soul surprised me because, being a Ferragamo fragrance, I didn't expect to like it. It is actually very nice… Light, clean, natural, quite traditional in a very pleasant way. Tuscan Soul is an enjoyable Mediterranean fragrance complete with the well-made, clean citrus opening augmented by petitgrain and a slight touch of tomato leaf. Its heart is a soft and quiet orange blossom – very nice and definitely unisex. At the base is a non-powdery, non-floral Iris and green note (fig leaf?) that continues the natural, comfortable movement into a surprisingly long-lasting drydown. Thumbs up for a charming, natural-smelling, nicely performing unisex fragrance
16th July 2010
After reading reviews from others on Basenotes, I blindly purchased Tuscan Soul. I like Ferragamo pour homme so I wanted to try another fragrance from this designer.My first spray was disppointment at the more feminine light scent of lemons. But after an hour on the skin the more masculine tones blended and sustained. I agree with others who state this is a perfect Spring and Summer fragrance. It is non-offensive (except to lemon-haters) and refreshing. For a stronger and more masculine taste, I recommend Fresco Absolute from the house of Victor. The same theme happens with Fresco Absolute but with a more Lime-Lemon and zestier attitude. I give Tuscan Soul a thumbs up for it's natural appearing aroma.
3rd April 2010
Notes: citrus, bergamot, tomato leaf, petitgrain, magnolia and orange blossom, iris flower, fig leafI like this scent. It starts with a very good citrus opening – one that smells zesty, natural, and refreshing. There is the merest hint of green (tomato leaf) here, nothing so pronounced as one finds in Eau de Campagne by Sisley. The scent opens up into a gorgeous floral chord which is attractive but not too sweet or heavy. The dry-down moves into a green and slightly woody note, courtesy of the fig leaf. Not a hint of ‘coconut' from this fig. All in all, a great Italian-style and unisex scent, one that is light and translucent. Sure, you need to re-apply it during the day but that is part of its summery charm.
11th March 2010
Initial burst reminds me of a tuscany lemon grove . . . then the dry down begins . . . citrus floral - very niceWish it lasted longer than just a few hours . . . at least on me
3rd May 2009
Light herbal spices on a floral heart with a whimsical drydown of light iris and fig accords. Very Italian, very unisex. When I first tried it, I thought it was an Italian-spiced perfume meets the American made ck One. Very night and casual. Very, very "spring. Love it!
4th April 2009
beautiful fragrance! If you are looking for compliments from both sexes purchase this one. Great for any occasion and nothing like any of Salvatorre's prior scents available for a man. This is one true unisex scent.
27th February 2009
Great scent, long lasting, fresh. Reminds me of spring and early summer. Good for evening and daily wear.

One thing I need to add about this scent. Incredible as it may seem or sound, this scent introduced me to the world of fragrances, thus this hobby. It was a gift from my neighbour next door due to my college graduation.
20th January 2009
This is by far the best Ferragamo scent I have tried! Lovely fresh and fruity unisex fragrance thats all citrus and a little rose me thinks. Great stuff!
11th December 2008
I'm from Florence... from Tuscan and it's true... it's really the tuscan soul... When I tried it I started to cry because it's my city... my country!! Absoulutely to have!
4th November 2008