Tuscan Scent : Incense Suede fragrance notes

  • Head

    • incense, pink pepper
  • Heart

    • leather, saffron
  • Base

    • styrax, mate

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This fragrance is a sweet and smooth suede scent that is unfortunately discontinued. Its performance and longevity were excellent, and the balance between smoke and leather prevents either note from becoming too dominant. The addition of amber sweetens the overall composition, which smooths out the potential abrasiveness of the leather or incense notes. In my opinion, this fragrance is deserving of a spot in my top 40 fragrances list.
17th March 2022
A simplistic dry, woody composition with hints of incense and vague sweetness. Linear and one-dimensional. Engaging at times, but eventually monotonous and uninspiring.

15th June 2021

A quite smoky and woody blend of suedish leather (soo smooth) and frankincense. The Incense Suede's opening kind of peppery, smokey, and rubbery/incensey/gasolinic (slightly on the Tom Ford Ombrè Leather's wake) but a supreme sense of semy dry woodiness (a la Montale Aoud Musk or Nasomatto Duro) takes immediately the stage as an absolute protagonist. Spices (mostly saffron and something kind of cool and aromatic) provide a sense of balsamic "spaciousness". The olfactory appointment is really simple and the whole structure is kind of poor. I detect fortunately a tad of resinous soapiness preventing the woodiness to become overly dry. Frankincense is still there on one side, smokey and leathery. A moody introvert kind of aroma, a juice for solitary spiritual fellows from the Ferragamo's Tuscan Scent Collection.
3rd April 2019
Tremendous creation from the Tuscan Scent collection by Salvatore Ferragamo!

This is a balsamic-leather-smoky scent that is beautiful, rich and resinous, wearable by ladies or men. You'll get spiciness, sweetness and woodiness that is dreamy and evokes visions of church censers wafting their wondrous smells all about.

Easily my most favorite of the Tuscan Scent set. :-)
17th October 2018
Eh...I had to remind myself that this has "suede" in the title, which is in there somewhere. There's also some incense. Unfortunately, it's all buried beneath a harsh sawdust accord straight out of the lumber section of Home Depot.
23rd October 2015
Another winner from Ferragamo's surprisingly good boutique exclusive line. If you can imagine the leather smell from Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather mixed with oud, drying down to a smell that's like a rich mix of suede, CDG-esque frankincense, and a creamy sandalwood reminiscent of Tam Dao, that's essentially what Incense Suede smells like. It's not entirely original, but I've never smelled the mix of wood and leather done quite like this, so I'm impressed (and I'm NOT easily impressed). Unlike what I'd expect from a line like Ferragamo, this actually does smell expensive and very "niche", so it's definitely worth checking out for wood, leather, and oud fans.
13th August 2015