Tuscan Leather 
Tom Ford (2007)

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Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

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Tom Ford
Fragrance House
Harry Fremont
Tom Ford
Creative Director

Part of Tom Ford's Private Blend Collection

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Reviews of Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

There are 145 reviews of Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford.

Raspberry scented ashtray. That's literally it. Nasty.

Typing more characters because I have to. It's not necessary, the first line says it all

The classic raspberry-leather scent that seemed to ignite a trend for similar compositions across the industry. I quite liked the concept of this one, but ultimately found it to be a little too loud, screechy, and sweet. I prefer other takes on the same concept more, such as the Clive.

I love the way Tuscan Leather reminds me of a few things: raspberries, BDSM parties, and, of course, cocaine. There's a flamboyance to it. It's a joke, but not at your expense. It's like a well crafted zinger, with enough edge to sting but not enough to hurt. It's an antihero fragrance, maybe a bit of a mercenary. I imagine Deadpool would scent his suit with this, but we'll never know, because Disney has yet to release each character's signature scent, even though we all know they have this on a whiteboard somewhere. There's no way they don't. Think of the cross platform tie-ins. Actually, come to think of it, Deadpool would probably wear Rasasi La Yuqawam instead, but he'd tell everyone it was Tuscan Leather.

TL has been on my buy list for so long based on my memory of testing it on my skin many years ago. I finally got the opportunity to purchase it. It has been reformulated and sadly a shadow of it's former self. Replacing the real leather and suede accord that the original had with a strange B.O. smell that carries a faint leather note in the background. Get the original if you want to smell what folks are raving about.

She called me back and said "my flatmate just told me I smelled like a hot guy when I came back". (true story)

There's a blatant dirty note in this - I'm surprised it's not mentioned more. The first time I tested this on skin, I even went to my kitchen spice rack in the hopes I could identify this almost-but-not-quite sweaty smell. No dice - thyme smells totally different. I'm not able to discern any raspberry (or any other fruity note), no jasmine, either. As it dries down, it becomes very petrochemical and finally I get a clear peek at the leather. The black leather is hard, nothing soft or suede-like (I ride a Harley, and my black leather reference is the smell of my riding chaps). The gasoline smell eventually slides away to leave leather standing alone. I've tried this several times now and the conclusion I've arrived at is the drydown (just ok, not great) isn't worth what I have to endure to get there.

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