Tuscan Leather Intense 
Tom Ford (2019)

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Tuscan Leather Intense by Tom Ford

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About Tuscan Leather Intense by Tom Ford

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Tom Ford
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Tuscan Leather Intense is a shared scent launched in 2019 by Tom Ford

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Reviews of Tuscan Leather Intense by Tom Ford

There are 4 reviews of Tuscan Leather Intense by Tom Ford.

Eau de Rented Bowling Shoe. I mean this in the most literal possible way. Simply delightful.

Tuscan Leather vintage smoothed and blended.

Pretty awful. Just get Tuscan Leather, it's wonderful.

I blind bought a bottle of Tuscan Leather Intense online and went to local Nordstroms to do an authenticity check. The bottle I purchased was bonafide--this perfume is just incredibly bad. I've owned a few other Tom Ford fragrances over the years and have been happy. Currently enjoying Tobacco Oud Intense. I'm dumbfounded Tom Ford would release such a horrible fragrance in Tuscan Leather Intense. It is extremely fleeting and resembles thinned kerosene. Tuscan Leather on the other hand is pleasant and smells like perfume.

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