Tuscan Leather 
Tom Ford (2007)

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Part of Tom Ford's Private Blend Collection

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Reviews of Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

There are 141 reviews of Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford.

She called me back and said "my flatmate just told me I smelled like a hot guy when I came back". (true story)
Apr 23, 2021

There's a blatant dirty note in this - I'm surprised it's not mentioned more. The first time I tested this on skin, I even went to my kitchen spice rack in the hopes I could identify this almost-but-not-quite sweaty smell. No dice - thyme smells totally different. I'm not able to discern any raspberry (or any other fruity note), no jasmine, either. As it dries down, it becomes very petrochemical and finally I get a clear peek at the leather. The black leather is hard, nothing soft or suede-like (I ride a Harley, and my black leather reference is the smell of my riding chaps). The gasoline smell eventually slides away to leave leather standing alone. I've tried this several times now and the conclusion I've arrived at is the drydown (just ok, not great) isn't worth what I have to endure to get there.
Jun 28, 2020

A boring leather with no petrol or dirt in sight. Not at all as brash or in your face. Just a soft fruity leather. Incredibly boring and not at all worth the money. With all of the other wonderful leathers out there I see no need for this.
Jun 12, 2020

This is enjoyable, interesting and evocative for me, but will not be for everyone. Tuscan Leather kicks off with a photorealistic rendition of new car leather, cocaine and raspberry. It's brash, unashamedly synthetic and in your face in a manner I particularly enjoy, in the same way that many people find getting a whiff of petrol to be pleasant.

As the alkaloid/diesel top dies down it turns into a mixture of spicy hide with a solid chemical base that never seems to let its opening go away completely. For a 2012 batch performance is strong lasting over 12 hours, sillage is tight and dense.

It's simple to describe, easy to like, but challenging to justify a full bottle at Private Label prices is dicey.... for one simple reason.


If Fahrenheit is a hardworking, modest, industrialist millionaire, Tuscan Leather is his depraved, entitled trust fund douche bag son. Amazing execution and all, is Tuscan Leather worth triple the asking price of the father of this style?

Still a definite thumbs up and I'm very happy with my decant. But if you haven't referenced Dior's masculine classic, that ought to be your jumping off point.
May 20, 2020

First of all I must confess to being a new nose to reviewing fragrances and have only recently developed a collection. Since starting my collection I've developed a distinct preference for Tom Ford's scents.
When I sprayed Tuscan Leather on my skin for the first time I really didn't like it. It smelled like very old dry leather without a hint of the fruit and spice it's supposed to contain. To give it a real world description it was reminiscent of an old saddler's museum with the old saddles and bridles on display.
However, a couple of hours later the stale oldness faded and a more distinct leathery and fruitiness remained.
Apr 27, 2020

This is a very dry leather. As if you're smelling a totally dried up tan leather hide at a manufacturer's place. If there's even raspberry present in the opening, it's a very papery one and almost not present at all. Also, it's as if the stem of the plant has been scraped too.

After the opening the spicyness is, well, awful. A harsh thyme, making it lean towards the scent of a kitchen spices cupboard. My best description atttempt: a concoction of thyme, cloves and sharp incense.

If only that leathery opening just remained as is. I would have rated it neutral. More raspberry and with the spice mess out of it, I would've rated it positive even. Where Tuscan leather goes however after the opening is just.. bad, for a lack of better words. Oh and then there's the price...
Jan 27, 2020

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