Tuscan Blood Orange 
Pacifica (2007)

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Tuscan Blood Orange by Pacifica

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Tuscan Blood Orange is a women's perfume launched in 2007 by Pacifica

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Reviews of Tuscan Blood Orange by Pacifica

There are 7 reviews of Tuscan Blood Orange by Pacifica.

I found the spray to be too sweet and artifical, the solid was sharp and tart so I gave that one away. But then I got the roller ball and as Goldilocks would say 'This one is just right'

I get a burst of fresh juicy sweet orange. It is a one note, linear scent and I dont wear it often by itself, but it is awesome for layering.. Tones down my too tart citrus scents, perks up the blah florals, and adds umph to some of my simple vanilla orientals.. I also love to use it to emphisize the existing orange in some scents. Sillage is average to above for roller balls. Lasts only a couple hours by itself, but much lover when I layer it. Good year round on me.

I bought this because of the brand. I think it smells like a sweet orange, but, really does not last and is disappointing. None of my friends like it on me.

I'm going to try to sell it on ebay.

It's kind of a spicy realistic orange, it's very sharp and pretty noticeable when you first apply but doesn't last long at all. I'll give it an hour or two tops if I am doing something. I keep this scent in my bag for any situations where I need a scent reapplication or something but I wouldn't wear it everyday or regularly. It's very singular and linear, which I don't care for.
I don't dislike it though, it's very good for what it is: which is a straight forward, orange scent. Might be good for teens or for an extremely casual day scent, if you are okay with re-applying a lot.

This is a fresh, clean orange scent with a bit of spice which I really like. I agree with another reviewer that says it's not very "grown up"...it's definitely a causal scent in my mind. Very realistic Orange and fruit scent.

I wish I could rate this one better, I really do. It smells good! However the longevity is nonexistent! I can barely smell it maybe an hour after applying it. Even though it's inexpensive, and reapplication wouldn't normally be an issue, needing to reapply every hour is excessive and not worth the hassle, so I doubt I'll wear this much at all.

At first, I really loved this - and my friends and mom love it, too. It's very similar to Tocca's "Stella," but more simple and linear. But then something happened, and now I can't get past what others here are calling the "candied" aspect of the blood orange. It's just too sweet and becomes cloying after a while. It's great for a quick pick-me-up, but I don't like spraying this directly onto my skin. I do recommend the bodywash, though - it's wonderful and the fragrance isn't as sweet.

This smells like Fruit Loops. I prefer more "grown-up" fragrances (or, as some of my friends would say, "old lady perfume"), but for whatever reason I really love this. I don't have many days where I yearn to smell like kids' cereal, admittedly, but when I do, this works.

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