Turquoise fragrance notes

    • rosebud dew, indian wild grass, turmeric, hedione, champaca flower, benzoin water, jeweled fruit, cassie flower, beeswax

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Turquoise goes on with a combination of transparent and sharp alcohol, with hints of cut green grass and indolic jasmine before transitioning to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart, the indolic jasmine remains and takes the fore, joined by significant dry beeswax and a vague, dulled rotting slightly sweet fruit accord. During the late dry-down, the beeswax vacates as the jasmine and rotting fruit both soften, with a barely detectable dull rose joining in support through the finish. Projection is minimal, with longevity average at about 8 hours on skin.

What can I say about this mini-stinker? The composition comes off as relatively unpolished and while far from hideous smelling, certainly unpleasant and generally off-putting. The primary players are the indolic jasmine and the dulled slightly rotting fruit accord. Jasmine is one of my favorite notes, and when skillfully implemented there are few ingredients that can bring as much life to a composition. Unfortunately for Turquoise, the heavy-handed use of the stuff coupled with the unpleasant dulled rotting fruit accord is an abysmal combination that made this writer want to scrub the stench off as quickly as possible (and if not for needing to write this review, would have). I would like to say that the late dry-down where the jasmine softens considerably salvages the composition, but alas, while better in relative terms it quite frankly just doesn't smell good either. The bottom line is the apparently discontinued Turquoise finds new ways to turn one of my favorite notes into insect repellent, earning a "poor" 2 stars out of 5 and an avoid recommendation to all.
19th January 2020
Beginner-level perfumery, but not totally unwearable. It comes across like something created during a workshop as there's little in the way of composition or thought. Instead, it's just a small handful of oils and chemicals thrown together that smell “fresh."

This one's grassy with a fragile fatty note running through it. The individual components are clearly discernible as there's no real attempt to blend them. It's basically a slightly oily, grassy, inoffensive transparent floral with no character. It lasts about thirty minutes.

While I don't have a problem with scents like this existing (everyone's got to start somewhere), this scent should not be available to the public.
7th October 2014