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A dry, woody fragrance inspired by the evergreen forests of the Arizona high country on a sun-warmed summer day. Originally released in 2010 as “Arizona”.

Tucson / Arizona fragrance notes

    • ponderosa pine, juniper, acacia, sagebrush, chaparral

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The name has changed to Tucson, as several have noted.

It's a satisfying, easy-wearing take on the natural aroma of desert plants that my husband likes. I gave it to him when we visited Tucson, and yes, it had a great resonance when he wore it there. Conifer, aromatic resins, in a sharp, dry, dusty combination makes this fragrance invigorating, dry and uplifting.

This sounds generic, but it's surprising how few old-styled straightforward outdoorsy, conifer, woody, aromatic fragrances there really are, especially for the good price of this one. Approachable and naturalistic; without powder or ozone.

Tucson is likeable and easy to wear, so I don't hesitate to recommend it to a friend looking for something of this description. I like smelling it on my husband because it smells like the desert.
14th September 2019
The fragrance I have is Tuscon, not Arizona. I read the name changed, but I am wondering if the formula changed as well or I have a different scent.
The positive is that it lasts, it is a strong, almost oily scent that cannot be ignored.
I was expecting a dry woody smell, but I get a heavy, patchouli mix that kind of smells similar to Mad Alchemy. It is thick, sappy, perhaps, but I get a strong patchouli and a slight sweetness that overpowers the woods.
I continue to look for my go-to dry woods scent. I still have not found what I am looking for.
22nd August 2019

I must admit to a bit of disappointment. I was hoping for more pine and coniferous notes. I'm picking up high desert ground cover...the sage brush and chaparral notes. I'm also picking up a slight medicinal vibe with a plasticky edge. That was my impression of the initial opening. As Arizona dried down, I got small hints of pine, which was nice. This is a complex fragrance and will require several more wears to get a good feel for it. The sillage waned at about the 3.5 hour mark. The longevity stood up better though, and at about the 5 hour mark, it started to remind me a little bit of Wald, which I quite enjoy. I'm giving this a thumbs up, as it is green and improved in the dry down to my nose. I'll try it again soon.
23rd September 2016
A 5-star thumbs up from me. I don't give those easily.
Green, coniferous, resinous, dry, sharp, aromatic, dusky. All the qualities I appreciate in a scent. Dense, almost "full-bodied" in construction, with a fruity note from the juniper that is almost like bergamot. Notes reminiscent of wild mint, artemesia, wild fennel, and scrubby undergrowth. In style, much like the Juniper Ridge foraged scents. Very satisfying to wear, and good longevity. A delight!
14th September 2016
Maybe it's because I live in Arizona, but I love this fragrance. I wear it happily in the summer and I don't find it especially masculine. The sweet acacia gives it a beautiful sweet creamy floralcy that is very true to the flower growing along the sidewalk in front of my house. The juniper and sage recall the high plains. This is the kind of fragrance that can take you on a journey.
27th April 2016
A decent entry into the rather small club of ‘dry forest' perfumes, Arizona gives the wearer a wonderful opening blast of the great outdoors with the inviting scent of conifers – their green needles, their resins, their wax – and the twigs and parched earth of the forest floor.
This is a cologne strength offering (unlike most others in the Olympic Orchids line), so needs liberal application. Has an unsettling mid-phase where soapy lavender tries to tame something that deserves to remain wild and free. Fortunately it morphs into something more anisic that blows better in the breeze.
Uncomplicated, perhaps simple, but satisfying nonetheless.
30th April 2015
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