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Tuberose by Elizabeth W

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Tuberose is a women's perfume by Elizabeth W

Reviews of Tuberose by Elizabeth W

There are 2 reviews of Tuberose by Elizabeth W.

Upon initial application, elizabeth w TUBEROSE seemed a bit oily to me. Not buttery but somewhat heavier, veering in the direction of Versace BLONDE only without the dirty civet quality. However, the oiliness disappeared in the next couple of minutes, when the fragrance became an ever-so-slightly spicy and not-at-all-dirty tuberose soliflore.

Unfortunately, the longevity was very poor, which is not the end of the world, but it cut my wear a bit short. The sillage was also pretty low. I definitely think that this is worth pursuing, but my small sample vial is now empty, so I'll have to find some more.

I have wanted to try this tuberose for a while but haven't been able to find a UK stockist until now. On first wear it reminded me of L'Artisan Parfumeur Tubereuse, sweet, creamy, and delicious. But when I tested both at the same time, one on each arm, I could detect a distinct difference, the sweetness in the elizabethW was alot more natural, less of the bubblegum quality in the L'Artisan. The longevity of both were roughly the same, which is so-so. I like elizabethW Tuberose, it is clean and comforting, and not too sultry for casual everyday wear. I will buy it again.

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