Tubéreuse Nue 
Tom Ford (2021)

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Reviews of Tubéreuse Nue by Tom Ford

There are 2 reviews of Tubéreuse Nue by Tom Ford.

Like a sunny day on a hammock made of tuberose where next to it a plastic table held a wase of lily in an asian beach.if vintage Fracas had a shy yet intelligent baby,it would be this fragrance. ridiculously decadent,an indulgence of white flowers with that indolic.i imagine it would go well with some white broderie anglaise/cotton lace and sun-kissed skin.

It opens like a kindler,gentler Fracas and then settles down quite quickly into a soft lily. then gets even lusher with a hint of spice in sweet cream.there is a musky suede connection of other notes mixed but the tuberose,lily are the main players.it is more womanly than girly,a woman she seduces with her mind not her body.totally nice scent but just not worth the price.performance is respectable.
Jun 12, 2021

Yes, Tuberose galore, a bright version of this floral, which is quite waxy with its indolic characteristics, but not very strongly so. At this stage there is a discreetly earthy undertone that blends in quite well.

A bit later the tuberose assumes darker features,with a sweet-ish pepper in the background. The musk proposed in the scent pyramid is sweet too, but equally faint on me. Towards the end a restrained, smooth leather, a light-weight suede impression, is present that lingers until the end.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and five hours of longevity on my skin.

The tuberose that gives this spring creation its name is indeed the core of this scent. Is is not bad, but, unfortunately, a rather synthetic version though, and the other notes are rather generic. It is quite middle-of-the-road and a bit nue as far as quality is concerned; this olfactory emperor does not wear many clothes. 2.75/5
Jun 3, 2021

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