Tubéreuse Couture 17 
Parfumerie Generale (2009)

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Tubéreuse Couture 17 by Parfumerie Generale

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Tubéreuse Couture 17 is a shared scent launched in 2009 by Parfumerie Generale

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Reviews of Tubéreuse Couture 17 by Parfumerie Generale

There are 9 reviews of Tubéreuse Couture 17 by Parfumerie Generale.

‘Honey honey, nearly kill me,' chirped ABBA with evident glee, and there's something of that spirit about Tuberéuse Couture, which aims to give you a smiling death-by-sweets experience via the syrupiest tuberose imaginable. The thing should be a flabby, over-fattened flop but there's dramatic rescue via some prominent ylang ylang, equal parts semi-ripe banana, nail varnish and rubber, that makes it get up and dance. There's an understated lightly spiced resinous backing, perceptible only when sniffed up close adding a suggestion of shade behind the floral whiteout.
All the party action happens in the first few hours after which this is a straight ahead creamy tuberose, fine for fans of the flower, but a switch from stereo to mono for the rest of us.

The jasmine is sweet, sirupy in the beginning, a bit aggressive. But it softens fast into a green and delicious tuberose I can't get enough of.
Projection is strong but it could last longer to make an all-time favorite!

Edit: I bought a full bottle. And I'm so happy I did! I get many compliments.

I totally agree with the positive reviews here; this is tuberose made very fresh & crisp by the notes of papyrus & sugarcane, & l can easily imagine it being worn by a man. The sweetness of the benzoin comes through in the drydown. l wish it lasted longer, but nevertheless this is a pleasantly different treatment of tuberose, & well worth a try.

It is a well balanced tuberose scent; suprising because balancing tuberose in a bouquet would be as hard as hiding an elephant between bushes i thougt. Some flower notes like tuberose, gardenia, jasmin have tendency to depart and dominate the frag but in coutre tuberose gardenia first rubbery then creamy dissolves into a sweetness. Not very heady or overpowering. But definetly feminine. i cannot say it is unisex.

This is one amazing fragrance. Like Carnal Flower, it is an immensely different take on tuberose, and I find it to be a magical one. Agree with Galamb above that this is a sleeper, but definitely shouldn't be.TC starts out very fresh and green and not really tuberose at all for me.The sugar cane and the kalamanzi oil give it a sweetish tropical edge, without dragging it down into the dreaded realms of so many of the generic tropical fragrances on the market. Rather, TC takes you away...it transports you into a lush, wet rainforest full of banana leaves and sugar cane and tuberose flowers after the rain.The sweet notes dry down and you are left with a very smooth, rich and elegant tuberose.....it transcends the tropical sweetness into something very quiet and elegant.....not screaming like Fracas and without the dark sombre notes of CF. It is a lady-like tuberose, one for pearls and LBDs and high heels.Overall, TC is full of contrasts and a very complex story. Its very strong, but soft, powerful and radiant and yet understated and serene. One of the most enjoyable renditions of tuberose ever.Overall, FB worthy for me and a magnificent addition to any white floral lover's wardrobe.

What a sleeper! This is dazzling - the perfect tuberose for a tropical evening.The top notes are delightful as they are unexpected, ginger rather than tuberose being the first thing I smell - I'm reminded of ginger beer. Quickly, the floral side emerges, ylang-ylang and a greenish jasmine, together with the defining "it" note that really sets this apart from other fragrances: sugar cane juice. The heart of the fragrance is an exquisite balance between the sugar cane note and the florals, the persistent ylang-ylang and jasmine being joined by a creamy, Fracas-esque tuberose in the heart ( this is certainly not a big tuberose, nor is the fragrance particularly dominated by the tuberose note, but it's the star as well as a team player ). Deep into the base, a coconuty benzoin note joins the softly fading florals, perhaps an infinitissimal drop of musk showing up, too.This fragrance is a nice balance of contrasts, managing to be sweet but never cloying, strange but never discordant, and complex without any heaviness. It's unique among the tuberoses I've smelled in its transparency and cleanness, but it has more than adequate sillage and decent longevity on my skin.

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