Tubereuse 40 
Le Labo (2006)

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Exclusively available in New York.

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I’m gonna say something controversial. I know a lot of people don’t smell the tuberose. But it might be my skin and -if you use the oil instead of the perfume- the most prominent note is Tuberose. I’ve tried seven different Le Labo fragrances including three city exclusives. No one has given compliments except for this one. And no other le labo fragrance gives me a sense of well-being and peace. If that makes sense.
So I know the price is expensive but since every September I get a bottle and if I travel I’ve been able to refill only at two boutiques (one in Toronto and one in L.A.) Mexico does not refill this one :(
All in all for me this is the best scent on my skin I’ve ever tried. And I did use once TF Neroli but no, it’s completely different on me. :)
I recommend only if you try it in your skin On different weathers and see what people comment about it.
Le Labo is a hit and miss and very different to each skin :)
Aug 22, 2020

Le Labo Tubereuse 40 New York is another nice city exclusive that's good but not great, especially when considering its exorbitant cost relative to the standard line of Le Labo fragrances, even.

By name, it would seem that it'd be primarily a white floral, but I get as much citrus as I do floral out of it. Looking at the note breakdown to corroborate, bergamot, tangerine, and orange flower create the citrusy-yet-floral vibe in concert with the tuberose itself, and the musk seems to be an addition as it often is in these Le Labo freshies.

It leans slightly feminine but not prohibitively so for a man to wear and enjoy, especially in warm weather. Performance is average.

A nice one but something I wouldn't give a second thought to for the price.

7 out of 10
Jun 2, 2017

Opens with a blast of cologny citrus/neroli that dominates until it dries down toward a nice white floral. More expensive than the others from this brand because it's supposed to be exclusive to the New York stores; I think it's rather too generic to justify the price, and I prefer Diptyque's cheaper (in price but also cheaper-smelling) Olène or even their new Eau de Sens.
Jul 1, 2016

Today,I received my Tubereuse 40 sample from Le Labo. Im really diappointed by the this fragrance and the other two samples from le labo( Rose 31,and Iris 39).
I did not like anyone of them.Regarding Tubereuse 40 I have to mention that It has nothing to do with FM carnal flower its almost like 80's citrusy colone in its top and middle notes and at the base note there is a very very very faint woody tuberose note that flashes out very quickly.
Sep 18, 2014

Whilst I get quite a bit of neroli initially, after a quarter of an hour emanates what is one of the best tuberose notes I ever came across. Jasmine, rose and later a touch of amber form the accompaniment, but in spite the forty top-quality ingredients this is essentially a rich and typical tuberose fragrance on my skin. Beautiful, superbly blended, not too sweet, and with good projection, the longevity is a splendid eight hours. 4.5/5
Dec 13, 2013

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