Truth or Dare 
Madonna (2012)

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Truth or Dare by Madonna

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Truth or Dare is a women's perfume launched in 2012 by Madonna

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Reviews of Truth or Dare by Madonna

There are 17 reviews of Truth or Dare by Madonna.

Gigantic piercing white flower bouquet. The scents of these flowers bounce back and forth. They all get "air time". The top notes are long-lasting and merge into, and with, the middle notes.

The jasmine is somewhat indolic. Spiced, slightly charred benzoin. Dancing, happy lily... Honeyed spice appears. Vanilla, amber, musk, are all a favorite base combo for me. I have to say I rather enjoy T.O.D. It's a pleasant, kind of raunchy white floral perfume.

Truth or Dare is the 21st century Fracas! Love both!

I'm a little wary of celebrity scents in general, however, I decided to try Madonna's fragrances for a couple reasons. Though I haven't felt inclined to listen to her music or keep up with her in over a decade, I have a huge soft spot for this living style & music legend who influenced my adolescence so much. When I saw that she had a couple of her own fragrances, I instantly thought of her appreciation for vintage and classic movie stars/style, and I crossed my fingers hoping for that old school, classy Madonna to shine through.

Boy, did she ever! Where do I even begin? I guess with a warning: You must love white florals to appreciate this gem. If you're the type who is sensitive to white florals, let the blindingly white bottle stand as a blatant indication of what's inside, and run far, far away!

However, if you can appreciate intense white floral notes, you simply MUST try this one. The tuberose is relentless and booming, it wafts around you for hours. It may take several minutes for the more subtle notes to start shining through and lending a little bit of spice and creaminess. Madonna certainly succeeded in creating something "classical and timeless yet modern". Truly gorgeous and dangerously intoxicating. There's just one thing: I wouldn't suggest this for casual wear - I'll personally be reserving this for the times I need to feel a little more elegant or confident, say for classy dinner parties or higher-end restaurants.

Lastly, this is one of the most powerful fragrances I've ever tried in terms of sillage and longevity. I didn't expect much for the price, but I was unbelievably stoked after my first spray.

Breathless Mahoney, ahoy!

When I wear this people come in closer to smell it. It is my new fave. I like the bottle. Its suppose to be Holy Water.

Truth or Dare by Madonna is one of my favorite celebrity scents and I (love to) wear it. The opening is rather generic with billowy white floral and a dash of aldehydes, but the rapid transition to animalic white floral adds a brilliant and modern twist. The tuberose, so loud in the opening, fades to the background and exposes a hefty dose of orange blossom and lily. Several reviewers describe the dry down as caramel or amber, but to me, ToD is all about the buttered popcorn. Compared to Fracas, ToD is almost “gourmand” and is stripped of most of the shrill green jasmine. The peach and oakmoss accords have been removed and the white florals are creamy instead of soapy. To me, ToD is a substantial departure from its inspiration and I would not consider one a replacement for the other.

The way Stephen Nilsen handled the relatively inexpensive ingredients deserves some recognition–to me ToD smells like it was plucked out of an ELDO lineup. I wonder if an ELDO collaboration would have produced a truly ground-breaking perfume or if Madonna is simply doing what she does best–repackaging, rebranding, and repurposing.


Ok. So hands up, I'm a Frag-head and a Snob (capital S). My collection includes some expensive niche brands, I'm a slave to discontinued Annick Goutal and L'Artisan, Uncle Serge is my hero, but this, this cheap celeb juice gets people every single time. I don't want to admit that one of my most complimented fragrances is bought for £9.99 (incl postage) from eBay - but it is. I don't want to admit that I cringe when people ask me what I'm wearing, and when I wear this they always ask, and then I have to say a celebrity name - but it is. I decant it so I don't have to carry the, frankly vile, bottle around. My boyfriend's friends ask me what I'm wearing and want to buy it for their girlfriends. Yes, it's a loose, modern Fracas, but what the heck! She's done a good job on this one has our Madge. It's sexy, floral, deeper than you'd expect, no hint of 'clean' (which is so popular these days), no sugary vanilla, and just enough musk on the dry down - it is, I'm embarrassed to admit, my go-to frag most days. And I have three, yep three, back up bottles in my collection. I guess the good thing about getting older is that you stop worrying about what other people think and just please yourself: I please myself, and others, by wearing this often. And for 10 quid, blind buy, what can go wrong?

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