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Calvin Klein (2002)

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Calvin Klein
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Targetting the 25 - 49 year old age group, this new scent from CK contains notes of basil, cedar and patchouli. The scent has a natural freshness and sits in a horizontally tilted bottle, designed by Fabien Baron.

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Reviews of Truth Calvin Klein Men by Calvin Klein

There are 57 reviews of Truth Calvin Klein Men by Calvin Klein.

Truth is a great fragrance, and at it's price is a great value. Fresh rain and green grass. To my nose a fragrance homage to petrichor and geosmin (intentionally or unintentionally). In layman's terms the smell that humans experience after light rain that emanates from grass, soil, and rock/pavement. This is a sweeter, synthetic version but those who enjoy something so deeply ingrained into our DNA as 'the smell of rain' which most humans can detect at levels as low as 400 parts per trillion will likely love this. Spring and Summer are great seasons to wear this. I just don't have the sophistication and imagination for the CK note pyramid, so this is the broad generalization of what I get from this. I blind bought based on seroos.syed's take on this and I concur with their description and am grateful for it. Inexpensive, unique, and beautiful. Thumbs up!
Aug 13, 2021

I like this one quite a bit. For the most part I think it's an excellent cheapy to keep in your office drawer or your car. As Zealot Crusader pointed out, as someone who fits the target demographic and digs Star Trek, the bottle design and the general note composition both suit me to a tee.

My only reservation is that there is a whiff of pine solvent, what Jon Remy described as vinyl swimming pool liner, that hits very briefly in the dry down and comes on really strong when it does.

The upside is that this is short and worth persevering through... the faux grassy woodsy vibe gets past the antiseptic blast and the whole thing becomes pleasant once more.

It's not like you're paying much for it these days, so it's not exactly a big commitment to add a bottle to your collection for shits and giggles. Thumbs up.
Oct 28, 2019

Calvin Klein's male iteration of Truth arrived the same year as Crave (2002), and while Crave came from CK's usual supplier (IFF) and was doted over by three perfumers, Truth for Men came from Givaudan, the former home of Thierry Wasser before joining Guerlain, and comes with its creator unpublicized. Whoever the unusual Givaudan nose behind Truth was, they were tasked with making a fragrance "one age demographic up" from Crave, which itself was focused on the 15-24 year old male. The "millennial" lean towards social apathy, technological obsession, and attention deficits were taken into account with Crave, which was a "radioactive grapefruit" ozonic with all-plastic "bottle inside a bottle inside a pod" packaging and complex spray mechanism. Truth went for the 25-49 year old mainstream guy who was probably brand-loyal to CK and wanted to be "in the now" but not 100%, and wouldn't accept garish Y2K futurism that struck of Luc Besson's film adaptation of "The Fifth Element". Instead, this was the person that probably grew up with the smooth nondescript geometric futurism of the Star Trek franchise, which is reflected in Truth's packaging, and wanted something exciting but respectable to reflect their sense of maturity. I can't say Truth was any more successful in it's task than Crave, but the fact it remains commonly available suggests it at least found a market to sustain it for more than three years. Givaudan clearly made the superior scent between the two, and I'd recommend this green-tinged ozonic over any host of aquatics made during this period, but not to anyone unappreciative of this period's mainstream style.

Truth comes across like the sharp grapefruit ozone of Crave has been married to the gentle greens of Calvin Klein Contradiction for Men (1999), taking what worked for both scents and mixing them while dispensing with what didn't (namely Contradiction's sweetness and Crave's lack of calm). As another thin and synthetic member of the "Age of Eternity" oeuvre that finally ended some 20 years after it started, Truth treads familiar CK olfactory ground with a fresh inoffensive opening and soft white musk dry down, but is the crispest and dryest a CK masculine has been, bumping Escape for Men (1993) into second place in that regard, until more recent things. The note pyramid is pretty zany with a lot of made up crap like CK is wont to do, but what I smell is as follows: Grapefruit still of the ozonic kind, but not quite as radioactive, leads into cardamom, basil, and the slight grassy edge of what must be just a peck of galbanum (likely responsibile for the dryness). The middle is "aromatic sensual wonderwoods and lustful canopy greens oh my" alongside "Hey Vern it's fern", but if you filter out the collective orgasm being had by the marketing team, what's really here is a proprietary cocktail of aromachemicals likely containing Iso E Super to give the desired effect. Cedar, patchouli, balsam fir, more woody aromachemicals and coumarin bring home the bacon in the end, making Truth for Men feel vibrant, dewey, and fresh enough for the guys closer to 25, but dry and woodsy enough for the guys closer to the 49 in the age bracket who may still be nursing memories of older aromatic fougères. It's blissfully focus-group composed which is likely why the perfumer was left unnamed, since he or she was probably taking directions like a short order cook at Dennys.

Yet, after all this synthetic adulteration and advertising hyperbole, Truth for Men is still likable beyond comprehension, which is why it has more positive reviews than negative ones here, if only by a slight margin. It does it's job of being a cool number of leafy freshness, citrus zest, and comfortable soft woods. The stuff won't turn heads for better or worse, but it's a dependable spring and early summer fragrance for casual and office use. Guys who love Escape, Contradiction, and even the progenitor Eternity for Men (1989) will probably like this too. Say what you want about Calvin Klein's mad scientist compositions and delusional marketing, for they are nothing if not consistent in their offerings, which can't be said of many houses, even illustrious niche ones like Creed and Guerlain, or more reputable mainstream brands within the perfume community like Estée Lauder or Lancôme. This likely appeals most to people who wouldn't put enough thought into their fragrance to even visit Basenotes, but that's okay. The chemistry behind the typical CK fragrance is probably depressingly convoluted, but here the results are elegant, simple and comparatively easy to wear for it's poorly-aging ozonic category. Like most CK masculines, you won't yearn for it, but when you can't think of what to wear and want something appropriate to the season/context that has moderate but reliable performance, you'll reach for it more than you'll end up admitting to your hipster friends.
May 12, 2018

To cut this short, this smells exactly like a wet field of grass during the rain. It's quite evocative of that scent and really fantastic. CK Truth for Women also smells like that, but more like a lush meadow with some flowers as well. I've been looking for a cologne to encapsulate the smell of rain and wet grass ("petrichor") for a long time, and I have to say this is the greatest example of that in my experience. If I'm looking for individual notes though, I basically smell grass, leaves, a watery accord, cardamom, and basil. Since it's very atmospheric, it doesn't lean masculine or feminine but CK Truth for Women is definitely in the feminine direction. As a perfume, it's probably my favourite from the CK line as it isn't sweet at all (like CK Eternity is), isn't as bitter as CK Euphoria, and isn't as fleeting as other CK colognes. It smells like the word "melancholy", but is very pleasant and inoffensive. Sillage is however only moderate but leaning light (as is the case with most CK perfumes) while longevity is also moderate. The bottle for this is very interesting, but the sprayer is really bad. However, I can overlook these issues because it provides a fantastic sensory experience if you want to smell like a wet field of grass during a rainshower.

May 3, 2018

At a time of Calone insanity, marine accord frenzy, obsessive freshness, and national anxiety, I found Truth to be an outlier that deserved more recognition than it did. It unified a marine/ozone facet with light, green freshness, and, in my opinion, the best presentation of "white musk" at the time — clean, out-of-the-shower light sweat evaporating off the skin.

Oh, but there *was* that problem with the original sprayers that started to decompose/rust not long after launch...
Aug 22, 2017

I love Truth by Calvin Klein. Yes, very grassy and herbal upon first spraying. The dry down reminds me somewhat of a vinyl swimming pool liner or that sea foam scent that many shave creams come in. I love it and I hope they do not discontinue it as it is in my Top Ten favorites fragrances! Very unique. Does anyone think this smells like Comme de Garcons' Odeur 53? I love them both! Unfortunately, I can't find Odeur 53 anymore. :(
Jul 26, 2017

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