Trussardi Jeans Men 
Trussardi (2004)


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Reviews of Trussardi Jeans Men by Trussardi

There are 8 reviews of Trussardi Jeans Men by Trussardi.

I find this is to a remarkable scent in that it starts off slightly "Boots and Pants" night club scent and within 30 minutes it has a little more depth and maturity. Starts with an Orange type blast with black currant. Not sure if that's the start of the sweetness of the Lychee note but there is a citrus sweet undertone throughout the scent. The middle is a little vetiver and rosemary. The base of cedar and musk is nice and close to the skin. Lasts about 8 hours on me with 3 sprays and projects for 4 hours or so. I really like this and wish this was still in production. If you find it and it's in your price range go for it... but I would test it if possible before blind buying. Enjoy!
Jun 1, 2016

Trussardi Jeans falls within the same “mainstream hedione league” of Dior Dune for Men and the likes, but with a bit more strength, character and colour; the fig-blackcurrant note is nothing remotely resembling to real fruits, but it works fine. There is some sweet-ambery nuances, a hint of smoke, some licorice-like woods (the same anisic vetiver as in KenzoAir, just muskier here), and the result is a sort of “Dior Dune Night”, or “Extreme”. Or “Vetiver Night Extreme”. It smells really similar to the Dior's for me, just with a different mood, less sunny and a bit more woody and deep. Synthetic to the bone and a bit cheap but playful, “young” and modern, I guess really easy to wear at the gym or for a night out. Nothing memorable and I surely endorse the discontinuation, but decent and funny.

Jun 18, 2015

I got this dirt cheap and was expecting some slightly gourmand, overly sweet casual frag along the lines of the Jeans range by Versace. Instead, I got a moderately casual scent with a lot of "powdery orange" notes, somewhat similar to Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermes, but with an extra touch of subtly bitter sweetness, even some florals and also fruity notes which fail to be unmanly. May come off as a bit too youthful, lighthearted and uncomplicated at first, but it develops that extra warmth, edge and depth just enough to be suitable for a mature and discerning customer base.
Dec 11, 2010

I like it, but there is an aspect of "overripe plum in incense" that makes me ask myself why I do. This juice grows on you, if you give it a chance, if not, it is immediately an obnoxious sensation. I definitely recommend wearing it for a while before considering a purchase. I give it a thumbs up only because I like its unusual bouquet.
Nov 29, 2009

I smell no orange, more like berry, perhaps a lychee. I do smell a spiced vetiver and musk fragrance with cedarwood notes. Perfectly normal and fine fragrance. Nothing outstanding. I do like how the cedarwoods seem to play a huge part while sitting on my skin.
Feb 20, 2009

Stylish, Playful, Fresh & Distinctive in its own kind. I assume the perfumes with "jeans" title are for attracting the youngsters and such fragrances reflect teenage expressions for sure.I just tried it once and felt like its not for me as i assumed it earlier as a "teenage" fragrance.I own it now and i owe it. For me it is quite resembled to Versace Man which is in my top 4 list. Lacks a tobacco affect that sparks in Versace Man but its a great combo of balanced spices "..and whats bad if i like to be playful sometimes".
Feb 18, 2009

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