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I tend to crave for such simple fresh/warm restrained virile creations (especially for these italian olfactory interpretations and representations of a well tailored impeccable refined no frills man). Inside Man is one of the better appointed Trussardi's fragrances (and more in general virile "neo-classic" assertive creations) after the unmatchable vintage Trussardi Uomo (the King). Great review from Colin Maillard and the other guys which have framed out the olfactory focus of this green coffee/woods/tobacco-accord initially heralded by a blast of invigorating green (basil) citrus (flanked by sharp-leafy florals and freshly dry woods) and finally rounded up by hints of soothing musk and leather. The note of coffee is dry (yes roasted coffee beans), freshly metallic and vaguely licoricey (bitter, angular and toasted) while the note of tobacco is kind of cigar-like, smoky/earthy, fresh (well assembled with citric yuzu and greens) and sharp. Leather is a background-note (a leather-vibe accessorial to a central coffee/tobacco) while the teak-base provides a quite "toasted" dry/virile undertone (actually the teak's aroma is one of the "woodiest woodsy smell" with its exotic luxury forniture-aroma with virile nuances of earth, leather and seasoned wood). All the elements are finally perfectly positioned (yes tightly connected in a multi-faceted sharp olfactory texture) and blended in a sharply classy virile accord uncompromisingly manly and elegant. Absolutely recommended.
5th April 2021
Not a fan...as Possum Pie already explained and I quote, "It smells like the most generic fragrance picked up at random from a Macy's men's counter." He hit the nail on the head with that comment and it was the exact thought i had when I wore this fragrance. I'm only going neutral with my rating until I wear it a few more times, but this is nothing I'm interested in...very standard designer mens assembly line dreg.
19th January 2020

I'm giving it a thumbs up b/c no "Safe" fragrance can smell bad...Trouble is it smells like the most generic fragrance picked up at random from a Macy's men's counter. close your eyes pick a random men's frag, and it smells like this. Top: citrus, Middle: Linalool Geraniol, Base: Wood.
14th August 2017
Inside Man is a keeper, and a sleeper too. I had to wear this quite a few times to “understand it”. I mean: it smells great, and you get that instantly. It's classy, warm, discreet, really sophisticated, but there's something else which makes you coming back again and again to your wrist to wonder what you're smelling. My experience was like: I get it smells great, I just don't get what this smells of. “Nondescript”, shortly, in a totally positive way. Inside Man is stoutly, sharply “woody” at first, and I mean *really* woody, in quite an uncommon and un-natural way; more like a piece of luxury polished furniture. It's the smell of mahogany, which is really dry, dark, exotic and mysterious. On top of that, a fantastic note of coffee – dark, roasted coffee beans; nothing gourmand for sure – and smoky tobacco: not an actuall smell of smoke, not the usual sweetish artificial tobacco note, and not bare Iso E Super like in many recent “smoke” scents, but rather an unperceivable, thin, perfectly crafted feel of someone smoking near you, like a really subtle whiff of nicotine. What I meant by “nondescript” is that all these notes are really tightly connected and so well blended together in a thin texture, it's quite hard to understand what's behind this great piece of “mainstream” refinement. You just get this irresistible, distinctive whiff of warm, dark good taste accompanying you like a perfectly-cut suit. Slightly “generic”, but just the right amount – I don't mind that. It just “fits” perfectly. Sillage is discreet, but long lasting. Remarkable!

13th March 2015
a perfume that begin with really great opening. the opening would remind us of some Italian men walks with Brioni suit, these man really stunning and impress those eyes that sees him even if its just within a glance

thats the initial spray. the rest turned into tobacco - coffee combo that simply elegant masculine, not in the way of Conan the Barbarian masculine like Kouros, but more into Marlon Brando kind of masculine. a man with style, attitude and style of his own. not a fragrance for someone who prefer to be accepted by the crowds or masculine-geeks that think everything on him should resemble the Expendables Movie. its a fragrance for wealthy, elegant and sophisticated men

the sillage is no question, along with longevity. if you want people notice you in a good way; in gentleman way, this is the fragrance for you. wear it with nice lightweight bespoke suit in autumn together with Italian bespoke shoes. you're simply matchless
16th January 2013
Trussardi Inside Man by Trussardi - One is initially treated to an invigorating wave of citrus. Yuzu, with its green, grapefruit-like character with mandarin nuances, commingles with bergamot, with its spicy, orangey element. Basil, with its leafy and somewhat minty greenness, showers the citric accord imparting its licorice-like sweetness. A nascent tabacco draws this refreshing opening to the awaiting middle. Here, tobacco leaves encase the herbal, citric blend and infuse their earthy, cigar-like aspect. A fresh, aromatic, coffee note interplays with the tabacco, while white pepper sprinkles its lively, woody and slightly fecal facets. Transitioning to the mellow base, teak suffuses the blend with its woody and leather aromaticity. And, a cashmere wood accord, with its sweet, vanillic, musky and cedarwood elements, shares the spotlight. An alluring drydown ensues. This manly fragrance is well-balanced, light and pleasant. It has average projection and longevity, 6-8-hours. And, given its inexpensive, price point, this versatile and elegant composition is, indeed, worthwile.
20th March 2012
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