This feminine fragrance is fronted by Beyoncé, who says: "I am so thrilled and so excited to be a part of this ... Not many women in the world can say they have their own fragrance - and especially not many black women, so this is wonderful.".

True Star fragrance notes

    • honeysuckle, sweet pea

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I picked a bottle of this up on a whim and I don't regret it for a minute! I was browsing a TH sale, bypassed Tommy Girl which honestly, I find a little noxious and always end up with a headache when I try to wear it (though it smells great on some people) and was ready to feel similarly about True Star but to my surprise it was a completely different beast.

Shades of Issey Miyake but less instantly recognisable (but by no means less special), an advantage in my opinion, it is subtle, sensuous in a light, complex (but not astringent or ascerbic, as many complex fragrances seem to be) way.

For me, this one is about as good as it gets if you want a light fragrance that still has personality- understated, watery & softly oriental yet hints at depth (deep water?). Lovely. BIG thumbs up! Perfect for work.
18th July 2010
Its really fantastic to wear. i am very fond of it.
16th September 2009

I get so many compliments when I wear this! But this is something I don't wear everyday. It's more of a spring time scent for me.
23rd February 2009
You'll either love it or hate it. I LOVE this scent! True Star's scent is subtle, feminine, fresh, and clean with a hint of sexy innocence. True Star is light (not strong or overpowering). It is hard to describe this fragrance as it is watery but not aquatic, sweet but not gourmand, powdery but not powder. It is light and fresh and has a unique make-up of complex notes that smell good. This can be worn anytime of the day and has amazing longevity on me. IMO, this fragrance is ageless and I would always have a bottle of TS in my collection. 5+ stars for me.
11th February 2009
I agree with the last reviewer, what a great perfume! it is cool and watery, just perfect..i sprayed it on by accident at walmart of all places and just loved it. too bad it doesn't last very long on me, its better to spray it onto clothing i think to keep the scent... perfect for work. it smells alot like polo sport for women, i can't smell honeysuckle or wheat, but maybe the sweet pea yes. it smells more like watermelon to me, like the polo sport but less acrid... it has a borderline foody, gourmand note i think, which is what makes it smell so delicious, yet its not overbearing and still smells like water. I'm not usually attracted to floral perfumes, i like either the sporty watery scents or heavy gourmand musks like angel for women, but this is just so great. great for post workout, going out in the evening, or the office. very versatile scent.
11th May 2008
Really good. Beautiful, very cold, metallic, bright like a shining steel, cosmic. Sweetly bitter. Smells of water-melon + tuberous pea (Lathyrus tuberosus) + lilac + corn, like an august day, waving fields of wheat, subtle zephyr, for elves, "teleporting" scent
12th May 2007
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