In 1970, a new golf tournament was launched in France by Gaëtan Mourgue d'Algue and Dominique Motte in association with Lancôme and CEO Pierre Menet.
In 1982 an fragrance was lauched - Trophée Lancôme - the bottle had a golf ball stopper.
Though the Trophee Lancome golf tournament continues to this day, the fragrance was discontinued but in 2002 was reintroduced along with Sagamore and Balafre.

Trophée Lancôme fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Basil, Bergamot, Lime, Petitgrain, Lemon
  • Heart

    • Green notes, Jasmine, Laurel, Patchouli, Cedarwood
  • Base

    • Amber, Moss, Musk, Tonka bean, Cistus

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Latest Reviews of Trophée Lancôme

I want to preface by saying that it is such a gamble to seek out a vintage of a citrus-heavy fragrance, due to the high likelihood that it has turned. My bottle of Trophée Lancome here is startlingly intact and must’ve been kept consistently in a cool, dark, dry place—even the color of its juice suggests that it has seen very little light. This is sheer luck.

Limes and lemons open up Trophée with a green petitgrain undercurrent. As I smell this, I must say again how impressed I am with how fresh the citruses still feel in this bottle. I have released sunshine that has remained inside for so long! A jasmine with herbs and a touch of spice accompany the citruses and as they join this chorus, I sense there’s even some rose and civet, just a dash, and a pleasant surprise.
It’s still green and zingy, like the swipe of a golf club.

In the dry down, the chypre structure of oakmoss and labdanum is evident, and it feels like the earth under a bit of torn lawn. Fore!!!
It makes me feel like…I’m alright, nobody worry ‘bout me! Cue the dancing gopher.
22nd June 2022
Released in 1982, Trophée is a sporty green scent; and - as such - is in the same family as Lauder’s Alliage (1972) which was marketed to women.

It’s a fresh woody-citrus, which has a lime head and a small jasmine heart, and because it has both masculine and feminine tropes (woody citrus masculine and feminine floral) it’s possible to read Trophée as a mixed scent. This reading is backed up by an advert from 1983, where a bottle is flanked by two golfers; one male, the other female.

1982 was the year when Vanderbilt was released for women, and Quorum was on the guy side of the aisle. In this context, we can see how Trophée’s citrus and jasmine doesn’t fit the gender stereotypes of the day; it’s neither a heady tuberose Amber nor a barbershop fougère. In fact, in this regard, Trophée has more in common with the citrus, green tea and florals of cK One; which in 1994, rejected ‘his’ and ‘hers’ perfumery by declaring itself androgynous; a shared perfume for him -and- her. Trophée was around long before cK One, and even though its gender positioning was subtle - almost below the radar - Trophée was, to some extent, a pioneer of the modern gender-neutral perfume.

In terms of its structure, with it’s light character and short persistence Trophée lies somewhere between the cologne and an EdT. In this sense it feels like an earlier release from the same house, Ô de Lancôme.

Trophée is a light and pleasant Green scent, which is not the easiest thing to do in perfumery. Credit should go to the unknown perfumer who worked on it, they did a good job.
I hope the 2002 version is the same, but with moss in the original formula it’s likely to be different.
20th March 2022

I have two small vintage bottles, both with the golf ball on the top. One had a very metallic sharpness to it, while the other was perfect in its green scent. I can only surmise that due to its vintage, one bottle has been affected by time. There is a an air of old-style sophistication about this fragrance and one which offers a sense of the well-dressed and impeccable manners. Definitely one for an open-necked Oxford cloth button down shirt and loafers.
9th June 2019
This is basically Chanel pour Monsieur, but 10x better. I love CpM, but I can't stand the dry down. It's too musky and dirty. The opening is brilliant though, and a true testament to its era, a fragrance that was way ahead of its time. Trophee is basically the same, but with a better dry down. Taking all the good from CpM, improving the dry down, instead of musk, it offers a sweet lavender and pleasant tonka, creating a slightly powdery accord, but nothing like "makeupy" in any way. Just like the Chanel, this one doesn't skimp on quality either.

A true gemstone, unfortunately that has been discontinued numerous times. Even as an 80's release, still a fragrance ahead of its time. This smells like a masculine barbershop fragrance of today's generation. Smooth, refined, classy, dress it up or down. High quality, good performance, and all around generally pleasing to most.
8th May 2019
nostalgic ahead of its era classic.9/10
1st January 2019
completely pleasing an refreshing in 80s way.
open green citrusy on soft floral notes which give it refined delicated feel while kind of piny and manly gives it a virile feel. then it settle on a typical oakmoss and woody notes.
it suitable for sportsmen of 80s youngs and for a middle aged poeple of today not only for sport but for casual out wearing.
each classic frags was really one of their own kinds so that delivered his own character and quality in a way that provoke even modern people admiration.this shows that how much it was ahead of its time.
30th December 2018
really nice green woody fresh but not in style of todays freshies with no identity and sophistications.
90s and 80s fragrances were something special even its freshies had qualitis and depth to it.

Trophee is green citrusy on woods like piney feel and musk

recently I found a vintage one with golf ball on top back to 1990 productin and what an amazing nostalgic well-crafted aroma.
22nd December 2018
very rare fresh clean classic for sportmen .
its old school but it is totally wearable by modern mature athletes.
brilliant vintage .
22nd December 2018
H&R's Fragrance Guide classifies Trophee as a floral citrus scent (along with the likes of Signoricci and Eau Sauvage), rather than either a fougere or a chypre. It lists the pyramid as:

Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Basil, Lime, Petitgrain
Middle Notes: Jasmin, Fruit Note, Patchouli, Green Note, Bay, Cedarwood
Base Notes: Moss, Musk, Amber, Tonka, Civet

The absence of any detectable lavender sets this apart from being a true fougere, and allows the freshness of the citrus and the dry, green herbal notes to play a distinctive melody. The base notes are quite subtle --- I don't get a distinct oakmoss, so the "Moss" referred to in the pyramid may well be something different. The initial impression is fresh, crisp and not overly sweet, with green herbal notes intertwining. Once it settles, Trophee stays close to the skin, but lasts for a long time while retaining its opening freshness. The base notes here seem to function more as stabilizers, lending endurance without asserting their own character. This is another fresh scent with a distinct identity from the era before bland aquatics took over the industry. It's outdoorsy, but refined, and is equally suited to a walk in the woods as to the sporting tournament conjured by its golf-themed packaging.
30th December 2013
Twin brother of Marc de la Morandiere M pour monsieur, they smell practically identical.
Both hard to find, both kinda expensive, if you have either one of them, you don't need the other.
A citric opening that turns somewhat herbal/floral and ends woody/mossy and while M pour monsieur feels slightly sweeter, this fragrance is slightly spicier, but so subtle are the differences that I am sure I could not tell them apart in a blind test.
Both are close to the skin fragrances with medium longevity, M pour monsieur wins by a nose (pun intended) in this department.
I enjoy wearing them and like them both a lot, but not enough for a thumbs up
8th July 2012
Grassy sporty lime-founded chypre, classic in conception with its blend of citrus-lavender, spices, herbs, tonka bean and woods (cedarwood being the king). This fragrance is natural in vibe, citrusy (lime, lemon, petitgrain) and finally woodsy but the marvellous green temperament (bay, basil and others) is evident since the beginning. The heart is slightly floral and mild (a tad of moderate mildness balancing the green lime-tartness) because of the note of jasmine linked with petitgrain while the final driness of the woodsy-smoky base is vaguely tempered and soothed by amber and labdanum. A touch of patchouli sets the right dosage of dandy refinement. The final outcome is a sort of soapy grassy-citrusy fragrance slightly floral, masculine (ambergris) and distinguished. A refined and sporty ethernal light fragrance.
10th August 2011
Green, green chypre much in the way of many other classics: Gucci pour Homme (original, Lacoste (original), Loewe para Hombre, Lancetti Uomo... sporty a litte bit but fine for everyday wear. I like a drier woods in these chypre scents for more formal wear a la Homme de Gres. Trophee is still great: light spices with sandalwood and oakmoss (sounds generic, eh?)
16th November 2009