Bond No. 9 (2020)

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Bond No. 9
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This is a nice green fruity gourmand. Often gourmands are very over the too and almost nauseating with their sweetness, but it is nicely balanced here. It is kind of like the chypre effect uplifting and setting other notes sparkling, I think that is what the moss and green nuts are doing. The green wet elements of jasmine adds to it.

It started more traditionally gourmand though, but the drydown is interesting.
Mar 3, 2021

I bought a bottle of Tribeca Swarovski as a Lockdown treat because I really liked the sample I received. The bottle has only 2 wheels of crystals instead of the advertised photograph with 3 wheels so it did disappoint on arrival.

The fragrance has a lovely floral hazelnut mossy smell similar to Greenwich Village but without the fruits. I would classify it as a Chypre Gourmand and the longevity is very good.

It is a very well done fragrance despite initially developing olfactory fatigue when wearing it daily for 2 weeks. I now wear it once a week and it does last again all day.

Thumbs up!

Oct 2, 2020

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