Trésor in Love 
Lancôme (2010)

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Reviews of Trésor in Love by Lancôme

There are 3 reviews of Trésor in Love by Lancôme.

A light bitter floral. Moderate sillage and projection. Quite useless.
Mar 15, 2018


TRESOR IN LOVE is jointed by a more fruity interpretation which will excite young ladies and those who wanted a lighter,modern version of their favorite. A delightful Floral/Fruity fragrance that enchants and embraces you. Lovely,Elegant,Youngish,Delicate ,Sensational,Romantic and Optimistic.

Fresh notes combined with juicy fruits and the delicate feminine flowers as it less sensual but younger than original TRESOR.all flowers wither and die,but you need fear not with this one,the inclusion of she musk and amber ensure the perfume feels dewy fresh yet warm to survive a Romantic moment as your special someone will never forger the scent of TRESOR IN LOVE.

The floral fragrance is as young and romantic as the bottle.It is not overbearing but people will definitely notice when you've got it on.In my opinion it light enough to wear in the office and inspiring for Evening time. This LANCOME EDP is also a perfect gift for a young lady however i prefer original TRESOR.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

Dec 14, 2014

On my skin there us more more peach and less rose than in the original in the top notes, and it is more intensive overall. In the later stages the jasmine is also stronger without being overly sweet, and I get a whiff of wood towards the end. Silage and projection are not bad, and I get a longevity of nearly three hours. A bit better that the original on me, although not really a very nice scent that convinces me.
Feb 23, 2014

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