Toy Boy fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Italian bergamot, pink berries, elemi, Indonesian nutmeg, pear, clove
  • Heart

    • rose, flax, magnolia, cashmeran
  • Base

    • haitian vetiver, ambermax, sylkolide

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I had a four-hour layover in Detroit and discovered that they have a World Duty Free store, so I spent an hour sampling fragrances. This one really struck a cord with me, but decided to ease into it with a 5 ml mini bottle purchased on ebay for under $10 including shipping. Toy Boy ever so slightly reminds me of Royal Mayfair, which I love. I like TB's rosey-floral-spicy scent, and performance is good, but I'm not feelin' a full-sized bottle is in my future. I recommend test driving this one first.
14th June 2023
First off just ignore anyone who said they smelled this and didn't like it, it makes the heart skip a beat. It has an endorphin rush tied to it and plenty of people dislike that

I don't like toy boy in the traditional sense, but I don't imagine it was designed in that way

I think toy boy was intended to make a statement, to be a little confrontational and to reward the people who engage

I won't get into trying to describe the notes because toy boy is above my head

I got a whiff of my Mont Blanc Individuel at work and thought of toy boy, so what I can say with confidence it that it leaves an impression :)
25th April 2023

This scent needs some time to consider and ruminate over before posting a review in a quick knee-jerk kind of way. It's a little weirdo that has grown on me hugely. It’s proven to be quite a multifaceted wee beast, initially all I could get was a heavy dose of pink pepper, after the 3rd or 4th wear two weeks later, my perception of it unfolded to get that juicy rose and pear and then some darker notes I can’t quite put my finger on. In the dry down, the Vetiver is barely there for me but I get a nice dose of sandalwood and fresh nutmeg. It's wonderfully multifaceted. My first Yann Vasnier creation that I am aware of, and I thank the guy. This has been such a pleasure to get to know, I pick up different glimmers all the time. Love the design of it’s presentation too, hats off to the creative team and the boardroom at Moschino who went along with it. I believe many people get side-tracked by their aesthetic compasses being pulled off by the ad campaign side and proceed to heap scorn onto the "child-like" or "deviant" non-prude characteristics of the presentation, too bad... I Love it! Had to get a second bottle.
29th November 2022
Got a sample of this yesterday. The opening is a nice fruity floral scent, sweet, interesting, playful, unisex, and young. Unfortunately, the more it progresses the more the jarring clove note emerges and ruins the experience for me. Otherwise I would have seriously considered a bottle.
17th November 2022
I swung by the counter and tried a couple of sprays. Smells like fruit candy and Earl Grey and projects those odors with its knob stuck at 11. It is clownish. My uncle Remy (RIP), in point of fact, used to earn side-cash in his clown persona by knotting up balloons into various animal shapes, as the teddy bear bottle might suggest. He would have bought this one blind based on the bottle alone. But Dauber, my benefactor, ever the no-nonsense truth-teller, would not come near me because she said I smelled like rotten candy, her exact words, though I questioned if candies have the capacity to rot. I've never heard of it. She laughed but really she was not amused and in rejoinder she told me I couldn't sit down to my supper until I took a shower. I mean, I want to be fair here and say something about how someone out there will enjoy this bottle of because, well, everyone is unique and special and the world needs clowns just like it needs nurses and plumbers. For me and Dauber, though, it is just not our cup of tea.
17th July 2022
An amazing opening with the smell of fresh roses. There is a masculine musky-ambery accord in the base, which over time becomes the dominant smell. Unfortunately, when this smell prevails, the perfume loses its freshness and becomes sweet and artificial. Nevertheless, it's a fashionable perfume based on roses, especially in the first hour.

By using it again, I realized that the artificial amber note (norlimbanol) dominate the perfume too much. Although it has given the perfume a masculine look, it has ruined the scent for my taste.
16th February 2022
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