Toujours Moi 
Dana (1924)

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Toujours Moi by Dana

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Toujours Moi is a women's perfume launched in 1924 by Dana

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Reviews of Toujours Moi by Dana

There are 15 reviews of Toujours Moi by Dana.

I have been sniffing the Corday version of Toujours Moi and just marveling at how strong the presence of smoky vetiver was in this concoction in proportion to the rest of it. You don't see too many fragrances being marketed to women these days with this much smokiness. TM smells to me like burnt amber - it is vanilla-sweet like Emeraude, with that dusting of powder at the end, but without the bright orange (just a touch of the blossom). It is a bit like Shalimar but is not at all animalic. SOmething floral in the background - is it hiding or has it just been crushed by the vetiver? Its presence is slight. Yes, this is the smoldering remains of a lump of amber resin which has had a single lilac flower gently brushed over its surface. It is surprisingly soft, a case study in restraint, where I was expecting gaudy and heady. I have not yet tried the Dana version.


There is something witchy about this wonderful potion.TOUJOURS MOI is exactly what I am looking for a CLASSIC&CLASSY fragrance as she is a smell of femme fatale.a beautiful oriental with a dry down that is fantastic.the scent has masculine edge that to be both masculine and feminine and comes off as sexy on both sexes.Voluptuous,Captivating,Strong,Intriguing, Addictive,Fascinante,Wintry,Sultry,Dangerously Sexy yet Comforting.

The fragrance opens with a burst of jasmine and orange blossom and gradually rests on a voluptuous heart of lavender and climaxes on an intensely sensual fusion of musk,vetiver and sandalwood that creates an experience of absolute indulgence.the scet is for a mysterious woman,a powerful and unsettling seductress who is at once ingenuous and dangerous.this is a special occasion scent not something to be worn everyday.Sex in a bottle!


Longevity?Great on my skin.


Relatively speaking, she's a wisp of a girl these days, with a concentration so gentle that you can wear her in the light of day.

Such an inexpensive treasure! I usually have a bottle in my bag, because it helps me to burn through my discontinued/old batch Guerlain stockpile more slowly without feeling deprived of all old school French vanilla/tonka/balsam goodness. In the bottle it actually smells quite a bit like Shalimar, though on skin, I find it to have a lot of lavender, especially early on. I detect lavender all the way into the drydown (probably because it doesn't take more than a few minutes!) but it's definitely a powdery, incense-y oriental and not a fresh-smelling aromatic scent.

I should think it's easily unisex, for there's nothing pink and froot loopy about it!

This is a review of the vintage Corday version

On me a burst of vanilla and amber recalls Shalimar. Then the smokier, darker notes come in - vetiver, lavender and frankincense - and shift it to being more reminiscent of Habanita. I never get the heavy, rich resinous notes of Tabu or Youth Dew, as some do.
I suppose the floral notes weigh in somewhere to lighten it, along with musk, but I don't detect any of them (neroli, jasmine, lilac).

It dries down to a pleasant hay and tobacco scent. Unremarkable.

I went to a perfume shop over a month ago, and I noticed this bottle of Toujour Moi. I tried a sample, and I was blown away at how terrific this perfume is! This is a great perfume for a man to give to a woman, or any woman who is a fan of the 1920s. 5 stars out of 5.

Love this fragrance! I saw this fragrance in Walgreens and was curious about it. The gracious looking mint green box and the French name led me to believe that this is a scent that's been around awhile, which is a plus since I love so many vintage fragrances. I have a sensitive nose and detest most modern scents (esp the Hollyweird celebrity ones). The girl behind the counter said there wasn't a tester, but if my mom (for whom I was buying it) didn't like it I could return it. When I gave it to her, it was love at first smell for the both of us! It simply eeks early century noir. Soft, powdery, yet spicy. It is similar to Tabu, but I love it soooo much more. It's more sophisticated and complex. It's the perfect scent for my sweet Mama's collection. And mine too.

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