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Lacoste (2004)

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Touch of Pink by Lacoste

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Touch of Pink is a women's perfume launched in 2004 by Lacoste

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Reviews of Touch of Pink by Lacoste

There are 17 reviews of Touch of Pink by Lacoste.

I am often a sucker for orange-vanilla-woody scents (Minotaure, New York, Guess by Marciano, etc) so this one looks good on paper but the coriander note is a weird way to freshen up the top in my mind. If this had any real sandalwood I might still give it more favor. For teenage daughters and gym bags, A Touch of Pink is a decent scent to have, but with such insincere ingredients and terrible longevity this is just another victim in Lacoste's long line of budget cuts and rush jobs. I'm sure that sounds damning but it's really not a terrible fragrance; it's just not very good, either.

Pretty and preppy, this is a fruity floral with a potentially interesting coriander note and a vanilla base. The fruit is blood orange, which gives a fresh citric edge to the sweet floral heart. Touch of Pink is not a serious fragrance--it does not try to be anything other than pretty and, well... pink. In other hands, there might have been more counterpoint between the coriander note (think of Couturier's Coriandre) and the indolic jasmine. There might have been an overdosing of the sandalwood in the base notes (a la Samsara), some unexpectedly disproportionate element that would have made this far more interesting than it is. As it is, Touch of Pink is safely balanced, sweet and pretty (although, in many ways, forgettable).

It makes smile on your face immediately aftar you wearning it and makes scowl on your face after you know it doesn't long lasting too! This one is not a winner for me but i would say it is Nice in a carefree way!

Yummy, fresh, fruity, modern, sporty, playful,S scented and surely girly. Starts with a blast of fruity that makes it sweet and Interesting. The floral notes is optimistic too but the base notes is my only complaint of this everyday scent as it is a disappointment on my skin.

This Lacoste EDT contains some from of delightful Innocence that brings brighten a your cloudy day. Very well with tropical climate. It represent youth and suitable for young girls or teenagers. Anyway worth buying if it is salubrious with your skin.

This scent gives me a headache. It is sickly, overpowering and smells like a cheap teen body spray or hairspray.

I like this perfume when I want to feel fresh, sporty and natural, but I can't say that it has much personality or leaves a lasting impression on people. It's like a nice, mild spring breeze though, which can sometimes be just the thing you want.

Recently I've been looking for some good citrus fragrances, so I decided to go over to my local drug store today to try this one since I had heard that it's supposed to have a fairly dominant orange note. It certainly does, but overall it's actually an extremely light, sheer, subtle and "non-offensive" fragrance. This is definitely the kind of perfume that a woman could wear in the office or to a job interview and probably no one would notice very much. (Unless they had a severe perfume allergy of course, but that's another story.) It's a fragrance that doesn't smell that much like traditional "perfume" in my opinion. It has that fresh, clean, just out of the shower kind of smell. It's really nice (especially for certain occasions as I've said) and there's nothing I dislike about it but it's definitely not a sexy perfume. I'm pretty sure this was made for women who dislike the smell of a really strong, obvious fragrance. I like it and I would recommend trying it, but keep these things in mind too. :)

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