Tommy Hilfiger Dreaming fragrance notes

    • white peach, tuberose, white hibiscus, florentine lily, freesia, white woods

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Latest Reviews of Tommy Hilfiger Dreaming

Beautiful and sweet scent in a very clean way. I smell a lot of flower in this easy to wear summer dream. Very romantic, everyday perfume.
13th August 2015
When DKNY Red Delicious wasn't working with my skin chemistry, a sales assistant suggested Dreaming to me as a similar fragrance which might match my skin type.

Although I hate to disagree with these girls that try so hard to find you the perfect fragrance, I just couldn't find any similarities. In fact, I found it hard to smell Dreaming at all.

Several coffee beans later and the scent that is Dreaming seemed non-existant. There was the faintest hint of peach and flowers, yet I really had to inhale deeply to even smell that.

Both this fragrance and Eternity Moment by Calvin Klein take first prize for the faintest and most subtle fragrances I have ever tried. Something tells me that perhaps my nose is just incapable of smelling these scents. I do hope that they are able to be smelt by other people.

3rd June 2011

Should be called "Tommy Hilfiger Metallic Peaches." I smell no legible florals, simply strange, syrupy quicksilver peaches dripping off the crook of my arm. I like it, but not enough to purchase it. Peach is a lovely scent that blends nicely with human skin. Silage is low and longevity is average to good. Would make an excellent gift for a young girl.
30th May 2011
This is a fresh white delicate floral. It is quite pretty, with some unique notes that improve the overall generic scent. The longevity is quite good on my skin, sillage is minor but still present, not bad at all.This projects and wears much better when skin is warm, making it an ideal summer choice. Acceptable for the office, daywear or casual evenings. I did not detect many of the fruit notes listed but there is a slight sweetness to the product.
5th August 2010
I like this warm, spicy floral a lot but the sillage is so weak it's mostly gone by lunchtime! Give it a try but carry the bottle in your purse for touch-ups.
26th June 2010