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Hmmm, we're a bit concerned about some of the notes in this one.. Rain? Apple Pies?
Created for Tommy Hilfiger by Aramis in 1994 it has remained popular ever since. The fragrance is supposed to represent a journey across America: Lavender and bergamot from Nevada, Grapefruit from Florida, Drifwood from North Carolina, Cactus flower from Arizona and so on... It's a good job Tommy Hilfiger didn't come from the UK as it would have had a lot more of that "Rain" in it!

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Reviews of Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger

There are 85 reviews of Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger.

A subtle frag that should be treated more like an aftershave. Overall, a Neutral rating for me because it was absolutely everywhere and unapologetically over-sprayed by everyone in the mid-late 90's. In this case, less is way more.

Released the same year (1994), and ironically by the same house (Aramis), I personally prefer to reach for this timeless gem of men's perfumery - "Havana".

2 stars.
Sep 17, 2020

I wore this fragrance all thru middle and most of high school and boy when i get a whif the memories that come back. its fresh and clean and just a feel good frag. My buddy still rocks this at 40 and it smells just as good as always. perfect casual chill frag for lounging around hanging out.
Jul 4, 2019

Close to a Neutral, but a great scent as a teen in the mid-late 90's. Lasted a little longer on me than Polo Sport, this was great for hanging out as a youth. Very mild & pleasant for casual events.

As for today, maybe a great gift for a teenager?

Haven't smelt any current formulations, but if I could find my vintage from High School it would be a great time travel smell.
Jun 22, 2019

Simple, youthful and fresh. This fragrance is ideal for teenagers and young adolescents. It doesn't develop much throughout the day. The scent stays pretty much the same. The dry-down is pretty weak. It doesn't last very long so you may have to reapply it once or twice during the day. I would say it's a pretty unproblematic fragrance. Overall, I think its smell would be best described as fresh and clean. If I had to rate it I would probably give it a 6 out of 10.

P.S.: This is a typical 'casual hanging out with friends' fragrance. It's ideal for casual circumstances.
Mar 3, 2019

Yeah, it smells a little cheap and thin but this is one of the best time machines in fragrance for me. I didn't even wear Tommy in the 90's but this does take me right back to that time. The bluegrass note in it is probably the main nostalgia driver for me since there was a similar note in Michael Jordan cologne, something I did wear in the 90's and was in abundance around me at that time, having worked at a store that sold it.

It's casual, youthful and cooling. Very decent stuff and still smells nice today.

Projection is not bad during the first couple hours and then it still hangs around a little better than skin scent for 4-5 hours.
Feb 11, 2019

I remember wearing this back in the day. I was 17 or 18. Really pleasant fragrance that lasted a good few hours. Gained numerous compliments .
Nov 26, 2018

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