Hmmm, we're a bit concerned about some of the notes in this one.. Rain? Apple Pies?
Created for Tommy Hilfiger by Aramis in 1994 it has remained popular ever since. The fragrance is supposed to represent a journey across America: Lavender and bergamot from Nevada, Grapefruit from Florida, Drifwood from North Carolina, Cactus flower from Arizona and so on... It's a good job Tommy Hilfiger didn't come from the UK as it would have had a lot more of that "Rain" in it!

Tommy fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Lavender, Bergamot, Rain, Florida Grapefruit, Kentucky Bluegrass, Midwest Spearmint
  • Heart

    • Driftwood, Cranberry, Apple Pies, Yellow Rose.
  • Base

    • Blue Spruce, Cactus Flower, Vermot Red Maple, Wyoming Cottonwood, Amber.

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I missed the Tommy bandwagon of the 1990s (I was wearing Xeryus de Givenchy) - and only just tried it out and bought a bottle. It's great! Warm, punchy, versatile, uplifting, energetic, and short-lived. Pleasantly green in this age where everything seems blue.

In the $20 range it's a great deal and for many people, this fragrance is an old friend.
21st March 2023
A very light summer scent that you can't smell after an hour. It is the "cotton candy" of colognes - insubstantial, sweet, fun and gone very quickly. Just too much work.
5th October 2022

A masterful fragrance made up of notes that are Americana. This was my signature fragrance in my 20's in the 1990's. It's still among my favorites.
30th September 2022
A subtle frag that should be treated more like an aftershave. Overall, a Neutral rating for me because it was absolutely everywhere and unapologetically over-sprayed by everyone in the mid-late 90's. In this case, less is way more.

Released the same year (1994), and ironically by the same house (Aramis), I personally prefer to reach for this timeless gem of men's perfumery - "Havana".

2 stars.
17th September 2020
I wore this fragrance all thru middle and most of high school and boy when i get a whif the memories that come back. its fresh and clean and just a feel good frag. My buddy still rocks this at 40 and it smells just as good as always. perfect casual chill frag for lounging around hanging out.
4th July 2019
Close to a Neutral, but a great scent as a teen in the mid-late 90's. Lasted a little longer on me than Polo Sport, this was great for hanging out as a youth. Very mild & pleasant for casual events.

As for today, maybe a great gift for a teenager?

Haven't smelt any current formulations, but if I could find my vintage from High School it would be a great time travel smell.
22nd June 2019
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