Tommy Bahama for Men fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Bergamot, Pepper
  • Heart

    • Ginger, Coriander, Pepper
  • Base

    • Musk, Amber, Patchouli

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Latest Reviews of Tommy Bahama for Men

Pepper. Then ginger and pepper. Then patchouli and pepper and a muted ginger. And then it's gone. That's the evolution on my arm over a few hours from start to finish. Not much sillage or longevity on my skin. Pleasant, well-constructed. Good, but not as great as current market prices might lead you to believe. Just barely a thumbs up.
17th October 2022
I finally got a now-vintage 3.4oz tester of this at a half-decent price from eBay. I am not one to typically throw down excess amounts for fragrances, but I had to try this one, having read about it so much here and on other sites. And also because the TB St. Kitts Men is one of my-all time favorites (I have stockpiled about 5 of them now from TJX). I have tried most of the other TBs as well, either by blind-buy or in samples. I still have Maritime Deep Blue and the newer TB for him in my collection.

I have to say that I was not disappointed in this. It's of a totally different higher order than anything else in the line. I am guessing it was discontinued due to IFRA Standards meddling? In any case, it's one of the few spendy items in my collection, along with some vintage Cool Water (I was an original wearer in 1988, love vintage Script-Logo CW, and absolutely hate the new formula, which smells like Windex).

First, it's stronger than all the Set Sail line colognes, and lasts longer. The performance is on par with, or slightly under Maritime Deep Blue. It's largely subtle but it does persist. I got a blast of pure bergamont at first, but then I realized that there were other scents creeping in...amber, a hint of ginger, and pepper. It just smelled...well, both relaxed and expensive. The bergamont stayed until the whole scent faded out, a few hours later. It didn't morph or evolve much during the wear. I get the vibe they were going for and it's what I feel that the entire brand identity is about--beaches, cigars, Hawaiian shirts, palm trees, brandy. Definitely a keeper if you can find it and are willing to pay what the seller asks. Yes, I spent too much, but it was on my radar for so long that I needed to see if I needed it. Yes, I needed it as the capstone to my TB experiences...and will need to use it sparingly!
12th June 2019

Fragrance notes: Coriander, ginger, amber, patchouli, musk, pepper and bergamot

2005 was a year when I experienced some of the most memorable men's colognes. Tommy Bahama was one of them.

TB is a powdery spicy amber scent that fits nicely into the current collection of flankers (Set Sail series). It is not an aquatic scent like its siblings, yet it has an exotic, waterside vacation vibe that never fails to delight. I purchased a mini collection that included TB, St. Barts, and Martinique; each is full of character, taking my mind to distant shores in the Caribbean, images of flip-flops, creamy sand, palm trees, and sparkling clean waters filling my mind as I experience the scents.

I truly enjoy TB original and applaud the creation of the flankers, which are full of personality like the 2005 scent that is still a relevant men's fragrance.

17th August 2018
The opening is a ginger beer with some nice, light, woody notes, with the wood being slightly singed. I think it's very masculine, unique and pleasing. In the drydown, only the woods remain. There's also a calming tea-like note throughout.

I get good projection and the scent lasts all workday.

14th January 2018
A very average scent IMO with decent longevity and minimal projection. I get some pear and ginger from the start with decent blend of slight florals and corriander. The base is slightly sweet with amber and some tonka. I would say for the price it's not a bad buy for a casual scent or for the office.
10th October 2016
This is a decent lasting wood scent. It's a little boozy in the opening but that disappears quickly. The pepper makes it smell a little like pencil shavings. The amber and musk warm it up. It has good longevity on my skin but it's not overpowering. I think it can be used year round and is very comfortable and casual.
23rd November 2014
My lady got me this fragrance as a gift and it is a great spicy woody scent. I wear if mainly during nights or cooler weather. It reminds me of sandalwood soap and is a great edition to a starting collection for a dark bold scent!
15th March 2014
The opening is a delight: bergamot, coriander and ginger mix with an amber note; the latter being unusually light and not harsh. In he drydown a light peppery spice impression adds a richer tone. Whilst this has touches of oriental depth, it retains a lighter and fresher note that gives this composition an ideal balance. Well well blended and original in its conception and execution. Quite good silage and projection with fours hours of longevity. A great scent for summer days that are a bit cooler.
7th January 2014
i smell more gucci pour homme then anything. albeit lighter and easier to wear in nicer weather than gph. great cheap scent.
5th March 2013
Top notes of sweet, spiced rum, pepper and smooth incense. What this settles into smells exactly like spiced rum and Dr. Pepper. It even has the sweet and fizzy pop of a can of Dr. Pepper being opened. I know you are asking yourself why you would want to smell like soda, but it is quite nice.

As it dries down I still get the rummy soda, with a hint of leather and pepper that just plain smells great. This has the notes that I like in a winter scent, but it is mild enough to wear year round I think. Also it can be picked up quite cheaply, so ther eis no excuse not to have this on hand.
3rd December 2012
I must admit I am one who is influenced to a certain extent by reviews. I smelled Terre D"Hermes a few times and loved it. Read that Tommy Bahama was to a certain extent a ringer for this. Figured I could not go wrong in buying it. Well I would leave the glowing terms and the finite breakdown of the pyramid to the experts. All I wish to say is, this is a really really beautiful scent and I would not be buying Terre D'Hermes as I now have this. It is almost addictive. My purchase came a few hours ago and I am smelling myself continuously.
20th November 2012
Tobacco leaf dominates this perfume from the get go. It opens peppery/spicy and very smoothly turns into this woody/leathery drydown that reminds me a lot of Dirty English and Terre d'Hermes. I can not really define an opening/heart/basnotes in this perfume, it is not linear, but I can not detect "stages", it moves smoothly and seamless from the beguinning to the end, wich to me is the signature of a well done fragrance.
After the spicy tobacco leaf start to subside, the tobacco leaf, along with the patchouli (maybe a hint of vetiver too) creates this woody note that leans toward leather that is magnificent. The amber gives some sweetness that cuts the dryness of the tobacco/leather note so it is not too harsh.
A truly delightfull scent with decent longevity.
15th July 2012