Tom of Finland 
Etat Libre d'Orange (2008)

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Tom of Finland by Etat Libre d'Orange

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Tom of Finland is a men's fragrance launched in 2008 by Etat Libre d'Orange

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Reviews of Tom of Finland by Etat Libre d'Orange

There are 48 reviews of Tom of Finland by Etat Libre d'Orange.

Not at all what I expected. I deliberately tested this on paper before I allowed myself a peek at the notes list. Knowing Laaksonen‘s art, I suppose I was ready for something blatant and provocative, even exaggerated.

It's... nice. Too nice. This one gets filed under, “Damned by faint praise."

One should never make assumptions. When I heard that ELDO were selling a fragrance called Tom of Finland I expected something special; the summation of Tom's work in a bottle. Something that smelled of leather, oil, changing rooms, bars, stables and any other fantasy that flesh is heir to. Instead what I got was a shy mimsy little damp smelling thing that seemed to have been locked in a forgotten closet for years.

It wibbles along in no particular direction. It seems not to have any point to it. There is a bit of suede leather, a bit of herbs,, some aldehydes, a bit of sweetness, some flowers; blah, blah, blah.

I wonder if Antoine Lie had ever seen any of Tom of Finland's work. Apart from anything else Tom's drawings are hugely celebratory, and full of joy and enjoyment of a particular sexuality. This fragrance does not, in the least, show this joy. Seems to be ELDO trying to be provocative, and failing.

Not very strong, with fairly average longevity; it isn't even bad enough to get a "thumbs down".

My initial review of Tom of Finland wasn't good. It didn't help I got a 90% empty sample I bought from the company. Fast forward a couple months, and I received another sample gratis with a different decant order, from an Ebay seller. I found myself quite surprised at how good this rather simplistic fragrance is.

Tom of finland, is a very wearable, very versatile, and even as far as being a signature scent in my opinion. That's rare for an oud. It's smooth and well blended, the oud is fantastic. It's not sharp or spicy, and thank god it's not combine with rose for a nice change of pace.

If I can find a larger bottle at a discount, I'll be adding this one to my collection for sure.

Vinyl and milky notes. Most wouldn't consider it especially masculine (given the promos), but who cares. It smells great and and is imminently wearable.

so where is the man, i ask myself.

is he hiding behind the cypresses? or more wisely under a hint of ambergris?
is he a modern man made of aldehydes or is he more subtle but contemporary for that hint of tonka bean?

I don't see the man nor, i suppose, the pleasure of its body. is it because the saffron takes a bit away the meat and replaces it with a vague dream of a dark room?
where is the salt? where is the mistery?

this man is interesting and certainly leathery but I did not fell for his trickeries.
I will continue to delve deeper in the dark alleys of this dark palace of sins.
he-who-smells-divine must be here somewhere, under all this opalescent darkness.

To my humble unexperienced nose, this smells absolutely gorgeous.

Opens directly with a really smooth, nice suede leather with just a little touch of citrus. This isn't an animalic leather at all. It is definitely a clothing article, maybe some great shoes.

45 minutes into it, the saffron appears out of nowhere with that gorgeous accompanying spiciness. It complements the creaminess of the leather perfectly.

The fragrance gets a tad sweeter for the following hours, but I don't get much else from a notes-standpoint. The saffron and the leather are dominant at all stages.

My first experience with this house, and I love what I'm getting. I'd love to have it in my wardrobe one day.

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