The 2013 eau de toilette flanker to 2012's Tom Ford Noir. It's a fresher version of the eau de parfum.

Tom Ford Noir Eau de Toilette fragrance notes

  • Head

    • pink pepper, Mint, Bergamot, italian lemon, Black pepper
  • Heart

    • Lavender, Clary sage, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Rose
  • Base

    • Woods, Vanilla, Amber

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Latest Reviews of Tom Ford Noir Eau de Toilette

Decidedly different than Tom Ford Noir EdP, which fondly reminds me of Guerlain's Habit Rouge.

Tom Ford Noir EdT takes another route: A citrus, powdery bright sensation, echoing Christian Dior's Eau Sauvage, which I like a lot too.

Slight peppery touch in the opening works nicely with the citrus head notes; I can BARELY make out mint. Heart notes have the beautifully spicy aromatic nutmeg, cardamom and sage presence, embraced by lavender and rose ever so tenderly. Base wraps up with warm amber-wood notes with a scintilla of vanilla.

In a different category for sure vs. the EdP, so each one would appeal to different tastes and occasions of wear. But the EdT is quite pleasant and occupies its own place neatly within the Tom Ford signature line.

30th September 2018
It was my intention to review the EDP first, but this came up. Reading the prior reviews, some of the potential downsides were the level of powderiness, and the similarity to Habit Rouge. I was also intrigued by the general lack of noir-ness in the packaging.

I'm pleased to report that TFN EDT successfully avoids these pitfalls. For a start, I smell more of a similarity to something like Dior Homme Intense than Habit Rouge, which is good for me as, while I admire the male Guerlains in the pre-Wasser period, I cannot imagine wearing them (Vetiver aside) - they just settle down into something too feminine for my taste. TFN is quite kind to wear, but it exhibits woods and musks with enough strength to make it demonstrably a masculine.

In addition, different effects can be achieved through varying amounts of spray. A few sprays see it quickly tone down to the basenotes, with a more austere feel. More, and it takes on a more opulent feel, comparable then to the other fragrances I have mentioned above.

I raised an eyebrow at the note pyramid - "woody notes", "spicy notes", etc. Thanks, that's so useful. It at least gives you a decent test for the nose. The question that becomes prominent for me is what gives TFN the noir-ness, the spareness that makes it masculine? Well, I'm still learning, but it seems that patchouli and vanilla are involved in that. The opening lasts very briefly, with a rather creamy version of lemon and no discernible mint for me. I wouldn't call it refreshing, but it's certainly not cloying.

In terms of occasion, it's OK for the office, but I would say much better for casual wear, or smart non-work events.

All in all an unconditional recommend from me. Very versatile, very pleasant. The olfactory equivalent of a flattering piece of clothing.
30th June 2016

Nice fragrance with powdery drydown (much like eau sauvage).
One of the better creations but not original.
I would buy if cheap ($35-40 for 100ml) or get Eau Sauvage if you want to spend money
20th November 2015
Kind of a dull, but nice scent from Tom Ford. Not at all like the original TF Noir in the dark bottle. This version is just lemon, spice and musk. I didn't get much miint in the top notes and the dry down was a bit soft and powdery. I like the original TF Noir much, much better, with it's rose prominance. The EDT is a nice fragrance, but boring and done elsewhere before.
25th March 2015
I like the EDP but I love the EDT version much more. It's well behaved, less raspy, less aggressive and it comes off a bit like Habit Rouge with the powdery opoponax still in its base. Very nice projection and longevity. Lots of compliments, definite winner. Don't overlook this one thinking that it's too similar to the original...and don't pop molly kids, just rock Tom Ford.
16th March 2015