Tom Ford Noir Anthracite 
Tom Ford (2017)

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Reviews of Tom Ford Noir Anthracite by Tom Ford

There are 27 reviews of Tom Ford Noir Anthracite by Tom Ford.

Spicy,resinous and green woods, Smoky and piney... like a cross between Arso by Profumum and Sombre Negra by Yosh, a blast from the past, reminiscent of an eighties scent... ultimately a decadent juice, dark and gothic!
Jun 20, 2021

The opening is quite straightforward: bergamot and a potpourri of spices; the latter having a distinct undertone of white peppers.

The drydown turns crisp and flinty, with whiffs of cistus and an undertone that is rather Iso-E-like at times. Reminiscences of synthetic mossy impressions come to mind.

The base is a wood-fest, albeit a rather laboratory-chemical one. I get cedar mainly, with the touted sandal and macassar quite weakly traceable only. This is mixed with whiffs of a light, bright and mildly smoky patchouli not and a mossy undertones, resulting is a clean and clear aroma of nigh mineral-like character.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection, and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

A bright fresh-ish and slightly harsh and pungent spring scent, which sports a few unusual moments and expresses some original features, but is let down a bit by its rather petrochemical nature, its lack of texture, and its linearity for most of its development. It - just - makes it to a positive score though, albeit by the skin of its teeth. 3/5
May 29, 2021

It's rare in this day and age that I review a Tom Ford-branded fragrance and conclude on a positive note. The entire Noir range for example has been a let-down to put it mildly, often reminding me of the cheap opoponax note that has been so frequently done in both cheap and niche scents alike (Jovan Sex Appeal, Chanel Coromandel, etc). Noir Anthracite is fortunately the exception and stands out from the pack like a brightly-lit Christmas tree in a dark street.

I initially sampled the scent blind and my immediate comment was that it reminded me of a bracing green gent's aftershave from the 80s. I can't quite remember what it was, but the peppers and galbanum bounced right off the spray patch. I don't detect much bergamot in the opening, but the green galbanum is very prominent, as are the peppers and spices of the mid. The dry-down is magnificent - long lasting woods, just like a classic 80s powerhouse after shave.

I managed to grab a bottle not long after, as I enjoyed my sample immensely. Of course, Tom Ford had to discontinue a perfectly good scent, just like he's done with his greatest creations sold under his brand - the original Italian Cypress and Sahara Noir. I suppose that explains why this one is such a departure from the rest of the pack. I only hope I can find more bottles of it in future.
Jan 7, 2021

Tom Ford Noir Anthracite (sample) -

This dude is swingin' brass knuckles and makes the black heart of Jacomo de Jacomo smell like Tobacco Vanille dipped in candy cane garland sipping hot cocoa on Christmas morning.

Bone dry, ZERO sweetness, spicy peppers, and a wide wood post shoved right up your arse.

I will give it a few more testings and update, but as of now I would reach for Jacomo before this one.

2.5 stars
Oct 19, 2020

I really like this. Mainly because if you put this on, guaranteed nobody else will smell like you do, however nobody else may like the way you smell either.
You need to like a very dry Masculine Alpha Male fragrence, so you need to wear with confidence.
I love it, bold and deffo old school vibe.
Stays very linear with no sweetness whatsoever.

Overall scent 8.4-10
Performance 8-10
Silage 7.9-10
Sep 24, 2020

This is a nicely dry, dark, and spicy masculine scent that's thankfully not sweet. I certainly agree that this evokes the scent of "hot peppers" -- or at least their dried and smoked seeds -- but that's a pretty compelling profile. Recommended if you prefer the drier and more bitter end of the TF spectrum.
Aug 2, 2020

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