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Tom Ford (2007)

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Reviews of Tom Ford Extreme by Tom Ford

There are 51 reviews of Tom Ford Extreme by Tom Ford.

The overall ambiance here is potpourri. I get fruity leathery coriander basil. My initial thought was truffle, but I'm guessing that was fig. It feels fallish, and the bottle reflects the contents perfectly. At 4 hours it is mostly soft leather. Longevity is below average, projection average. Complicated and interesting. Thumbs up.
Nov 22, 2019

The Tom Ford Signature line contains the majority of the more nuanced and complex perfumes produced by the house, somewhat by design. The Private Blend scents are designed to be layered, the Signature scents are presented as more full-bodied experiences (at least in theory; this has shifted somewhat now that the Signature line is increasingly adopting the streamlined aesthetics of the Private Blend with releases such as Ombré Leather and Métallique).

Tom Ford Extreme (2007) is one such scent, with a bewilderingly long and odd note list. It's difficult to describe its central accord, though it is distinctive. This is a deep, rich, warm, boozy fig scent with a hint of earthy bitterness running throughout.

It represents, at least in part, an evolution of the fruity-amber trend popular at the time (see Baldessarini Baldessarini and its successors) with a dash of DNA from the very popular Black Orchid, which released the year prior. The resulting blend of sensuality and formality calls to mind the Givenchy-produced Michael for Men (2001), though this skews more formal and less overtly playful than that concoction. As it goes on, Extreme turns increasingly earthy, mingling incense with a brown sugar-y amber. That jammy fig remains detectable if you're looking for it.

It's less likely to appeal to those who have come to like the house's more bombastic, streamlined releases, but for those seeking a particularly exceptional embodiment of the "formal gourmand" style that came to prominence in the 2000s, it'll likely be seen as the winner that it is.

It performs very differently depending on climate, I've found. It screams off of the skin in heat: very fruity and sweet. In cooler weather, it's more subdued, with earthy and bitter tones dominant. Either way, it's a winner.
Sep 8, 2019

This is at another level. The long note listing doesn’t really do it justice - to my nose, none of the individual notes are that indiscernable but together they create a complex fragrance with a character of its own - ever so slightly dark-fruity, with a faint tinge of peaty-whisky, but also clean and classy. It’s warm and cosy but smart at the same time. The performance isn’t great (it’s actually terrible!) - the scent lasts on the skin a couple of hours but has no projection after the first hour or so (and no sillage to speak of at all). It’s a real shame because the scent itself is in a class of its own.
Feb 16, 2019

Leathery, fruity, boozy, and rightly "extreme-ized" signature scent from Tom Ford. The fragrance triangle illustrates just how much went in to the creation of this rich, deep scent!

Comparisons to Amouage scents are on point, for Tom Ford Extreme has that high-end, no-holds barred experimental quality yielding a very, very classy gentleman's fragrance that says so much to others you are around. It belongs to formal occasions where you'd want to leave a distinguished impression, reflecting this potion so nicely crafted by Tom Ford.

Sep 30, 2018

This is an absolutely delightful concoction of extremely boozy truffle. It smells like those chocolates that contain liquor in them. Very masculine leaning as well. I am really in love with this scent! Sillage and longevity are both great on my skin. One of the best boozy fragrances ever made in my opinion.

Jun 12, 2018

Casting doubts upon
Thoughts that perfume's golden age
Ever really left,

For such dark beauty
Arrives not in dark ages
Though in dark scanner,

Rumors of rumors
Of the exaggeration
Of perfume's demise.
Dec 16, 2017

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