Tola Pure Oil: Bond No. 9 Perfume fragrance notes

    • rose, oud, tonka bean, musk

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I have had an spiritual connection with Bond no 9 since I became introduced to the House about 8 years ago; the fragrances had a magical attraction and the clear glass bottles did enchant me.

I became a lover of the classic collection; the compositions were so well done that I would only wear fragrances from this house for years. My lovely Harrods SA (Miss J) enhanced this wonderful experience...

Signature became one of my all time favourites; when the Tola range arrived I fell in love again with Bond...

This Tola has moisturising oil with the essence of Bond no 9 signature fragrance: rose, musk & oud. The result is fruity but ever so uplifting...

Ideal for anointing after a shave without the sting of alcohol.

I am in Love again...

Excellent Longevity

Thumbs up!
30th April 2016