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Tokyo by Kenzo

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Tokyo is a men's fragrance launched in 2007 by Kenzo

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Reviews of Tokyo by Kenzo

There are 51 reviews of Tokyo by Kenzo.

Tokyo - Kenzo
A misty smell of wet concrete, empty (rusty) tincans, warm creamy chai-tea and a granular bitterness with slight rubbery undertones. Gets a darker earthy tone in the dryout with light mossy shimmers and a cedarwood-ambery pluche. Nothing special- feels like a mist oppertunity to catch the scent of Tokyo in one smell.

Very poor performance absolutely ruins this one.

Quite similar to Azzaro Visit, but has less of the nutmeg and is sparkier up front due to the ginger and pepper. Nothing great, but not pretty bad either. But perhaps there are other fragrances and perhaps you wouldn't want to hold on to it for long.

The worst part is that it abandons your skin much earlier than when you would've planned to abaondon it.

I bought a bottle after sniffing at it at a store, and later learned one of the most fundamental lessons of life in a rather harsh way: never judge a book by its cover.

I actually like this scent, fresh and peppery, a fairly unique blend. However, this fragrance literally has an inch of projection. I guess they made this fragrance without any projection in mind. This is the most subtle scent I have ever smelled it's very frustrating, longevity is however average. If they've added some nuclear projection to this it could've been very good. Not sure what Kenzo was thinking about.

Could have been great, but too soft and shy.
Kenzo pour homme Boisée is much better!

Genre: Woods

A puny little synthetic woods and citrus thing so slender you can see right through it and so bland it's not worth the effort of pressing the sprayer to apply. Tokyo lasts for approximately 42 seconds on my skin. By 43 seconds I've forgotten what it smelled like.

Cynical and pointless – especially from Kenzo, which has done much better.

The initial citrus-ginger blast is nice, joined by green tea and mate, a sort of tea party. In the drydown a light pepper with a woodsy base are a bit too average, and it collapses to be very close to my skin after a couple of hours. Total longevity is about four hours. Not bad but nothing special.

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